Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Vasishtha and Arundhati (and a purple flash)

Above is a new video I've just published, entitled "Vasishtha and Arundhati (and a purple flash)."

It discusses a recent phenomenon witnessed while stargazing by both myself and a close friend I have known since childhood.

The video also includes some discussion of the stars we were looking at when we saw the unexplained "flash" or "on-and-off star."

I hope you will enjoy the video. Unexplained phenomena in the sky are not really my primary focus of research, of course, and I imagine that there are many possible explanations for what we saw. I decided to make a video about it partly so that I could remember the date, time, and location of the observation. 

It was a wonderful night of stargazing, coinciding approximately with the period of new moon, and we also saw some wildlife that night as well.

I hope that, if it is at all possible, you too can go out regularly to observe the glorious night sky and all its splendor . . . and connection to humanity's ancient wisdom in the myths.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Inflicting Trauma to advance AI and Surveillance

Above is a new video I've just published entitled "Inflicting Trauma to advance AI and Surveillance."

I think it is safe to say that almost no one at this point has not noticed things about the current situation which are difficult to explain -- that multiple aspects of the lockdown we have been subjected to for the past months do not appear to make any sense: there is something (many somethings, in fact) which simply does not add up.

This obvious assertion is not intended to minimize the reality of the biological agent itself (or biological agents) which undeniably exist (whether they evolved through natural or through directed processes) and which have hit certain areas around the globe, and certain vicinities in the US (urban areas in particular) with tremendous ferocity and tremendous impact on human life, and with tragic consequences.

We do not at this time know the origin of those biological agents, and anyone who says they know for certain is just wrong -- because definitive proclamations are completely premature at this point in time, but suffice it to say that I do not at all minimize the severity of the threat itself: what I am talking about is the response, numerous aspects of which simply do not add up.

They do not add up, that is, unless you understand what researchers like Douglas Valentine have been describing for many decades, backed up by tremendous amounts of evidence, which is the existence of criminal actors who literally "do everything in secret" and who deliberately and methodically employ lies, disinformation, propaganda, and all-out terror as tools to manipulate other men and women and to intentionally inflict trauma upon the other people in order to make them more easily manipulated and less effective at opposing exploitation and the violation of human rights.

The above video cites an interview with Douglas Valentine from one year ago, in conjunction with Memorial Day, 2019. That interview was conducted by Ricky Verandas, host of the Ripple Effect podcast (Episode #190):

When things that do not make sense suddenly begin to fall into place when placed into a new paradigm or framework, that can be a good indication that the previous framework was incorrect and that the new framework might be correct. It is not positive confirmation, but if additional evidence which also supports the new framework continues to turn up, then the weight of evidence may eventually confirm that the new framework or paradigm is valid.

In the case of the above-linked interview with Douglas Valentine, from Memorial Day one year ago, I would argue that the proposed framework or paradigm (namely, the existence of powerful groups acting in secret who actually have as their intent the traumatization of the populace in order to advance a specific agenda) does indeed help to explain much evidence from history -- going back to World War II and actually much further than that -- which the conventional framework or paradigm cannot explain.

Additionally, since that podcast (published a year ago, but so relevant today that everyone should take the time to listen to the entire interview at least once and if possible multiple times), we have all been going through an event which provides new evidence supporting the paradigm which Douglas Valentine has been researching and describing for over three decades.

Another important researcher, Whitney Webb, has recently uncovered documents created a year ago (in May 2019) in which powerful members of the national security state and Silicon Valley tech-company billionaires, along with members of academia and other related players, expressed the opinion that the US will fall behind China in the realm of artificial intelligence ("AI"), which they see as critical to national security and diplomacy -- will fall behind, that is, unless certain "structural changes" take place which are "nearly impossible to imagine in places as privacy conscious as the US and Europe."

Well, as Whitney points out in an article published in April, entitled "Tech Tyranny: How the US National Security State is using Coronavirus to fulfill and Orwellian Vision," those "structural changes" are not so "impossible to imagine" in Europe or the US just one year later -- in fact, they mirror the language being used by tech CEOs to describe "structural changes" that have taken place as a result of the current lockdown (and yes, those exact words are used not once but twice in a quotation from a tech CEO in an earnings call published just yesterday, May 21, 2020).

Is all this evidence mere coincidence, or is it possible that the paradigm Douglas Valentine is describing, in which secret actors employ deliberate propaganda in order to manipulate the populace, is in fact the correct framework for understanding history -- and the present situation?

Hint to the way I might answer that rhetorical question: my latest book, Myth and Trauma, provides evidence that deliberate misinformation, manipulation, and policies intentionally designed to inflict trauma upon men and women have been employed not just for decades but for centuries. Myth and Trauma also quotes Douglas Valentine, because his analysis and work is extremely important for everyone to understand, and matches a paradigm which I have also been exploring for many years, and which almost certainly goes back to ancient times.

If the current lockdown has as one of its goals the advancement of "structural changes" designed specifically to advance data collection and surveillance, in order to enable "our AI" to keep up with "China's AI," and if this agenda is being advanced through deliberate lies by members of the media and even by elected officials, then that is a clear violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and the people need to wake up to that and demand the nullification of laws or policies which violate those principles, and which violate the inalienable rights given to each and every man and woman as their birthright.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Special message regarding my newest book, Myth and Trauma

Thank you for your interest in my work and in my latest book, Myth and Trauma. I very much appreciate the positive feedback and the kind words I've received already, and also the fact that so many of you have ordered copies! I hope that the concepts explored in this book will be helpful to you in your own journey, as they have been thus far in mine.

Due in part to some logistical issues related to the current situation in the world around us, there have been some unanticipated delays in the supply chain, which in some cases may last for about a week right now, and so I do apologize to those who have ordered a copy or copies and have yet to have them ship.

In the meantime, I've made the above video to give you a few thoughts from the book which you can consider in the back of your mind, while waiting for the slow boat to start sailing in your direction with your shipment!

Hope you enjoy it -- please feel free to share with anyone who might find these subjects to be helpful in a positive way.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Introducing Myth and Trauma: Higher Self, Ancient Wisdom, and their Enemies

It provides what I hope is some of the most compelling evidence that the world's ancient myths are based on a common system of celestial metaphor, presented in a clear and easy-to-follow manner with hundreds of illustrations and star charts showing the constellations and their connections to the figures and events of the sacred stories.

And, it explores the evidence that the ancient myths are using this world-wide system of metaphor in order to convey powerful truths for our benefit and empowerment in this life, with a particular focus on overcoming what today is referred to as psychological trauma, and its result: the separation from who we are.

Psychological trauma and the separation from our self can have devastating consequences, and the evidence suggests that this problem is very prevalent in the modern world, and in fact increasing at a disturbing rate. And yet, this problem is not widely understood -- partly because there are reasons why we often suppress the very possibility of the existence of an essential self, let alone the possibility that we have become alienated from that self.

And, although the use of the term "trauma" to describe this serious problem is relatively new, it can be demonstrated with abundant and compelling evidence that the ancient myths -- going all the way back to some of the very earliest texts known to history, including those from ancient Sumer and ancient India and other very ancient cultures -- are in fact dramatizing trauma and the suppression of the self, and that they are pointing us towards a path of recovery.

But that's not all: Myth and Trauma also examines the disturbing evidence which indicates that, despite the fact that the myths themselves declare that their intent is to heal, to empower, and to promote justice and human dignity, there are those down through history who deliberately suppress and distort their message, and who instead of promoting their message of healing trauma, actually seek to impose trauma upon their fellow men and women for nefarious purposes.

In the video above, and in the book itself, I make a comparison drawn from George Orwell's famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which the author lays out (in an appendix to the story itself) the "Principles of Newspeak," by which minds and thoughts could be controlled through control of language -- and specifically through the deliberate reduction of language and the eradication of the meaning of certain "heretical" meanings.

In this way, the proponents of Newspeak explain, words such as "free" could still be allowed to the public, but only if stripped of all "unorthodox" meanings, such that "it could only be used in such statements as 'This dog is free from lice' or 'This field is free from weeds.' It could no longer be used in its old sense of 'politically free' or 'intellectually free,' since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed even as concepts, and were therefore of necessity nameless."

Those opposed to the powerful message of empowerment and justice contained in the world's ancient myths and given as a precious inheritance in the sacred traditions of every culture on our planet have pursued a very similar goal as that of the proponents of Newspeak, by eliminating understanding of the meaning of the "language" the myths are speaking, and replacing them with "Newspeak interpretations" that will prevent "heretical" or "unorthodox" thoughts from being generated.

However, not long after the ostensible end of the Second World War, a book was published which provides the key to unlocking the ancient language that the myths are speaking -- and when we begin to piece together their "vocabulary" we find that the myths are talking about amazing and life-changing subjects!

One of those subjects -- indeed, a central focus of the myths -- involves the suppression of and alienation from our own essential self due to trauma . . . and the way we can repair this grievous condition.

It is my hope that this book will help others to hear the incredible things that the myths are saying, and point us towards the precious inheritance we have in the ancient sacred stories given to all cultures in remote antiquity, whose message is needed today perhaps more than ever.


For a preview of Myth and Trauma, please visit the "Books" section of my main website at Star Myths of the World, and click on the cover image there or the other links provided. The "Look Inside" feature on retailers such as Amazon is coming soon, and as Myth and Trauma is distributed by Ingram (with international reach) it should be available very soon if not already in other countries outside the US: you can always ask your local bookstore or library if they can order a copy for you and they should be able to obtain one.