Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween and All-Hallow's Day! 2017

image: Wikimedia commons (link).

Those of you following this blog for three years or more may recognize the above painting, entitled The Magic Circle, by John William Waterhouse, from a previous post on the importance of the celebration of Halloween (All-Hallow's Evening) from 2014, entitled "Get ready for Hallowe'en! (And for All-Hallow's Day, with the teachings of Alvin Boyd Kuhn)."

That post includes an explanation of Alvin Boyd Kuhn's argument that the celebration of Halloween is observed a significant forty days after the point of the September equinox. This equinox, the fall equinox for the northern hemisphere, is used by the ancient system of celestial metaphor operating in the ancient myths of the world as the point of incarnation: the plunge of the soul into a physical body. Forty days, Kuhn argues, contains an implicit reference to the forty weeks of gestation which take place between conception and the birth of a human baby.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn argues that all the symbolism of Halloween can be seen as containing symbolism of the plunge of the soul from the realm of spirit into the physical realm of matter, and its temporary lodgment within a physical (or "animal") body. He explores this amazing insight in his 33-page booklet, Hallowe'en: A Festival of Lost Meanings, available online in its entirety here and available for purchase in physical book form on various booksellers (including online).

Kuhn also argues that, along with Halloween, the following day of All-Hallow's Day is one of the most important of the entire year -- and that in fact the two celebrations are basically two halves of the same observance, one being the "night-time" element and the other being the "day-time" element of the same important commemoration. A previous post exploring his insights into that important day can be found here.

Not mentioned in those previous posts, but certainly worthy of contemplation, is the fact that in previous centuries (and even to this day, in some countries) there was an association of All-Hallow's Day with the souls of departed loved ones -- and a tradition of going "souling" by asking for special cakes. The giving of these cakes was associated with bringing comfort to the souls of those who have crossed over from this life. In fact, the cakes are traditionally round in shape and marked with a cross.

Intriguingly, although this custom is primarily associated with European cultures and with various forms of literalist Christianity, there is an important annual festival in China and other nearby cultures known as the Jung Chau Jit or "Mid-Autumn Festival" (literally the "Middle-Autumn Node") in which round cakes are traditionally given. These cakes are likewise round in shape -- and they are traditionally cut into four equal pieces and then eaten by sharing them with friends or strangers.

The existence of these traditions in such widely-separated cultures speaks to the possibility that both may be descended from the same ancient system of esoteric metaphor which recognizes this part of the year as being representative of the incarnation of the spiritual nature in a physical body -- the "crossing" of our physical and spiritual natures, in this incarnate life.

It is also interesting to note that the celebration of Halloween plays an important role in the original Karate Kid movie, from 1984. I have often used the methodology employed by Mr. Miyagi (such as the famous "Wax on, wax off") as an illustration for the concept of "the esoteric" method of conveying Gnosis, common to the ancient wisdom preserved in the myths and sacred stories from cultures around the globe.

As those who have seen that movie know (and if you have not seen it, perhaps you should watch it before reading further), Daniel would probably never even have had the opportunity to learn from Mr. Miyagi, had he not been savagely beaten by Johnny and his Cobra Kai buddies after a contentious Halloween party and dance at their high school. That incident and some of its lessons was discussed in a previous post entitled "The Cobra Kai sucker-punch (and why we keep falling for it, over and over)" from September 11 of 2014.

Halloween (and its "day-light" counterpart, All-Hallow's Day) are extremely important annual observances. I hope you have the opportunity to contemplate some of their timeless lessons, as we reach this significant station in the heavenly cycles, cycles which the ancients used to impart profound truths about spiritual, invisible realities.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Reflections on One Thousand blog posts

image: Wikimedia commons (link).

After several years of writing, this blog has reached its one-thousandth post.

Thank you to everyone who has been following the journey thus far!

As those who have been reading the blog for some time know, my thoughts and views have been through some twists and turns along the way.

There are many possible ways we might "group" the posts down through the years into different "subject-headings," but below is one way we might organize those headings (along with links to a few representative posts from each category):

Esotericism and the Ancient System

Celestial Mechanics and the Heavenly Cycles

The Invisible Realm and the Shamanic

Star Myths and Astrotheology

Self and Higher Self

The Inner Connection to the Infinite

Humanity's Forgotten History

Two Visions

If I had to select one theme which runs through all of the above eight categories, or at least one theme that is on my mind lately as I reflect back on the thousand posts of this blog so far, and the topics that it has been exploring, that theme would probably be: the tension between the view that every human life is infinitely valuable and precious, and the opposite view that there is nothing cheaper than human life and that the rights of other men and women can be denied or usurped in order to advance one's own wealth or one's own group at the expense of everybody else.

It should be abundantly clear from even a cursory examination of the ancient wisdom entrusted to humanity in the form of the world's myths, scriptures and sacred stories that the world's ancient wisdom teaches the first view: that human life is sacred and infinitely valuable.

I will cite three examples from the ancient wisdom preserved in different cultures.

1. In the story of Jonah in the Hebrew Scriptures of what we typically refer to as the "Old Testament," for instance, the tension depicted at the end of the story involves Jonah's disregard for the value of the lives of the people of Ninevah. This previous post, entitled "The sacred fig tree, continued: Jonah and the gourd" provides evidence that the characters and episodes described in the scroll of Jonah are based upon celestial metaphor -- which means that Jonah is almost certainly not supposed to be understood as a literal and historical figure, but that the story has to do with each and every one of us instead, and with our own spiritual journey. 

In the final verses of the text, Jonah is nursing his anger over God's mercy towards the people of Ninevah, a people he sees as outside of his group, and God confronts Jonah and contrasts his pity for a gourd which was blasted by the wind and the sun with his disregard for the lives of six score thousand persons (Jonah 4: 9 - 11).

2. A previous post entitled "Revelation 22 and the Egyptian Book of the Dead" presents startling evidence that familiar passages from the books in what we commonly refer to as the "New Testament" of the Bible contain metaphors and sentiments nearly identical to phrases found in ancient Egyptian texts from thousands of years BC, including the Egyptian Book of the Dead. 

Alvin Boyd Kuhn, whose analysis on this subject I value very highly, argues that the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead -- and the New Testament texts which can be clearly seen to contain direct echoes of the ancient Egyptian texts -- can be seen to be describing the incarnation of the gods in and through the lives of individual men and women. He writes (in a passage from Lost Light cited in the above-linked post on Revelation 22 and the Book of the Dead) that:
The Messianic Son came ever as the manifester and witness for the father, who had sunk his life in matter to reproduce himself in his next generation. According to Herodotus (2: 43) the Egyptian Jesus with the title of Iu-em-hetep was one of the eight great gods who were in the papyri twenty thousand years ago! He bore a different name according to the cult. To the sages of told time the coming was a constantly recurring and only typical event. The ancient Messiah was a representative figure coming from age to age, cycle to cycle. He came "each day" in the Ritual; he came periodically; he came "regularly and continuously." [ . . . ]
The coming was taking place in the life of every man at all times. Each man had his evolutionary solstice, his Christmas; and he would have his Easter. 546.
This interpretation echoes the direct declarations found in other passages in the Egyptian Book of the Dead (also referred to in previous centuries as "The Ritual," but also known by the title "Book of Going Forth by Day") in which the speaker says, "There is no member of mine devoid of a god."

Men and women are infinitely valuable because they each contain an inner connection to the infinite, and the divine realm works through them.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn argues that the declarations in the Book of the Dead are not about a condition in the "afterlife," the way we are taught by conventional academia, but rather that they are describing our experience in this incarnate life, this "underworld" journey, and that thus when the text describes the identification of the individual with various gods, it is describing something that takes place in this life. Taking that ancient teaching to its logical conclusion, it means that we should respect and value everyone around us as a dwelling-place of the gods, or of the divine nature.

3. In an early blog post entitled "Plotinus and the upward way," we saw that the ancient philosopher Plotinus described the incarnation in terms of the mirror into which the child-god Dionysus was said to have been gazing when the Titans tore him to pieces (he was later reborn), or the mirror-like lake into which Narcissus was gazing when he fell in love with his own beauty.

In that post, we saw that Plotinus did not teach that love of beauty in and of itself was a bad thing -- quite the contrary. However, Plotinus explicitly states that love of beauty can lead us upwards towards seeing beauty everywhere and ultimately towards discerning "the One Principle underlying all," but only if we pass beyond bewildered delight in "some, one embodied form." 

This is the opposite of what Narcissus depicted in the myths of ancient Greece. Narcissus became enamored with his own beauty -- making him unable to appreciate what Plotinus calls "the beauty everywhere" and thus Narcissus dramatizes the "downward path" that is the opposite of the "upward way" that Plotinus describes the ancient myths as teaching us.

This contrast can certainly be applied to the tension between the competing visions described above: one of which sees all men and women as infinitely valuable ("seeing beauty, and in fact divinity, everywhere") and the other of which sees beauty only in one's own self or one's own circle or "people," and fails to see it in other men and women outside of that circle -- or actively denies its existence in others outside of oneself or one's clan.

It should be quite clear that the ancient wisdom imparted to humanity in the form of the world's myths and scriptures teaches the infinite value of each and every man and woman. And yet it is equally clear that some groups continue to interpret them as if they supported the very opposite view.

It is my hope that by writing this blog (along with the accompanying books and videos and interviews) and sharing what I've learned so far about the language that the ancient myths are speaking -- a celestial language, an esoteric language, pointing us to the reality of the Invisible Realm and the presence of the realm of the gods in the world all around us -- all of us will become increasingly inspired to listen to the myths themselves and their incredible message for us.

I'm still continuing to learn, and I look forward to sharing many more discussions on these important topics. 

I very much hope that the study of the myths and the stars will be a blessing to you in your life, as it is for me in mine!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Samson at the Great Turning-Point

Above is a new video I've just published entitled "Samson at the Great Turning-Point."

It contains a short collection of excerpts totaling about 11 minutes and 55 seconds from last week's three-hour course on the Celestial Mythology of the Bible.

Even if you've heard me explain some of the celestial aspects of the Samson cycle before, this video may give you some new insights into the ways that understanding which specific region of the heavens is being acted out in any given episode of ancient myth can point us towards the spiritual message that the myth is intended to convey.

It should also provide some additional and extremely compelling evidence which points to the conclusion that the connection between the ancient myths and the stars (including the connection between the stories of the Bible and the stars) was somehow preserved in the academies of fine art in Europe (and other parts of the world) even during the centuries in which the acceptance of a literal interpretation of the characters in the stories of the Old and New Testaments was strictly enforced.

The prevalence of artwork depicting sacred subjects (characters and episodes from the ancient scriptures of what are referred to as the Old or New Testaments of the Bible) using clear references to specific constellations in the night sky was also addressed in this previous post entitled, "What I describe in Star Myths of the Bible has already been proclaimed in art for centuries -- even millennia!"

Special thank-you to those who signed up for and attended the first-ever installment of the New Academy of Celestial Mythology & Ancient Wisdom. Future courses will be added based on interest.

The evidence that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories are built upon a common system of celestial metaphor is extremely compelling -- even (in my opinion) conclusive and perhaps even "overwhelming."

This evidence points to the conclusion that the world's ancient traditions all share a common source -- one which predates all the most ancient known civilizations (including those of ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, ancient China, and the ancient Indus-Saraswati civilizations).

The evidence from the world's myth -- which share a common, world-wide foundation -- thus forms an important additional body of evidence complementary to the evidence from archaeology and from the world's ancient megalithic monuments revealing enormous holes in the conventional narrative of humanity's ancient history.

The fact that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred traditions appear to be built upon the same world-wide system of celestial metaphor should be seen as uniting humanity (despite the fact that mistaken literal interpretations of these same ancient scriptures and traditions have historically been used to divide humanity: the literal interpretation of the scriptures of the Bible being the primary example).

The fact that these ancient traditions are not describing literal characters or events from terrestrial history absolutely does not mean that they are not "true" -- quite to the contrary. As Alvin Boyd Kuhn has declared in Lost Light, "the sacred scriptures of the world are 1,000 times more precious as myths than as alleged history" (page 24).

I'm convinced the ancient myth system was designed to convey profound truths of great benefit to our lives, and that these ancient myths do so using a sophisticated and multi-layered "code" or "language" which enables them to "show" us things pertaining to the Invisible and the Infinite.

The above video shows just one aspect of the workings of this deep ancient system. I invite every man and woman to explore the ancient myths and sacred stories for the riches that they contain.

image: Wikimedia commons (link).

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A video visit to the Igloo in Grimerica for a Star Myth conversation with Darren & Graham

Thank you to Darren G. and Graham D. for inviting me back to share another visit to the Igloo in the wilds of Grimerica.

We recorded a first: a full two-hour conversation complete with live video which enabled me to provide some visual evidence to support the arguments I was presenting that the world's ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories from virtually every culture on every inhabited continent and island of our planet earth appear to be founded upon the same system of celestial metaphor, a system so ancient that it was clearly already mature by the time the first known extended texts of ancient Egypt or ancient Mesopotamia were inscribed in stone pyramids and hardened clay tablets.

The video was broadcast live as we recorded it, and the full-length replay is available here on the Grimerica channel on YouTube (consider subscribing, at no charge, in order to receive notification when future videos are released from Grimerica). You can also download the audio-only version, if you'd rather listen while doing something else, by visiting this page (or by searching for Grimerica on iTunes and other podcast sources). This video was recorded on October 11, 2017.

I always enjoy Darren and Graham's unique combination of a relaxed atmosphere plus insightful questions, and I hope that everyone else will enjoy our conversation exploring the connections between the celestial motions and the world's ancient myths.

During this show, we covered some of the following topics -- check out some of the previous posts (linked) for more information:
  • The "celestial language" spoken by the world's ancient myths, corresponding to the heavenly cycles (and using the heavenly cycles to convey profound truths regarding our own journey through this incarnate life).
  • Examples of myths from around the world which can be shown to be based upon specific constellations in the night sky, and the characteristics anciently associated with those constellations (see for instance the section entitled "The Myths" on my main website, Star Myth World, dot com, as well as the section entitled "Video."
  • The constellation-outlining system introduced by H. A. Rey -- and how it is vastly superior to any other known system when it comes to identifying constellations for yourself in the night sky, as well as when it comes to deciphering the celestial language being spoken by the world's ancient myths.
  • The beautiful star-cluster known as the Pleiades, and just a few examples from thousands of possible examples of myths which incorporate the Pleiades (see here, here and here; also here).
  • The evidence that the connection between specific mythical characters and certain constellations was somehow preserved in the formal schools of artwork in western Europe down through the centuries.
  • A series of posts discussing Arjuna and Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita and the wider epic of the Mahabharata (see here, here, and here among others).
  • A series of posts discussing the figure of Doubting Thomas (see here, here, and here among others).
  • A series of posts discussing the concept of your Higher Self (see here, here, and here among others).
  • The ways in which the existence of a world-wide system of celestial metaphor connecting the ancient myths upends the conventional narrative of humanity's early history and points towards the existence of a now-forgotten culture of great spiritual sophistication, predating ancient Egypt and other extremely ancient civilizations by millennia (see for instance here, here and here).
  • Impressions following my trip to the eastern half of the modern state of Oregon in order to view the total solar eclipse of August 2017, during which I need up choosing a site less than five miles from the site Darren went to in order to see the eclipse -- and see also the description of solar eclipse phenomena here.
And remember that all the blog posts are fully searchable, so that you can search for any other concept discussed in the show (or not discussed in the show) and see if it has been discussed in the past.

Finally, here are links to my previous visits to Grimerica featuring conversations with Graham and Darren:
For those interested in obtaining signed copies of any of my books, please visit this page

In order to reserve a space on one of the upcoming live web-based courses on Celestial Mythology and Ancient Wisdom, please visit this page.

As always, I believe it is extremely important to do whatever you can to support independent media outlets such as Grimerica. I recently linked to their outstanding September 11 interview with Richard Gage (and also with a member of the Grimerica community who survived the collapse of the towers) in a previous post here. Shows like Grimerica do not take advertising dollars or funding from corporate sponsors, which helps them to maintain their independent voice. Please consider contributing to Grimerica and to other independent media sources when and if it is possible for you to do so.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Live online course: Celestial Mythology of the Bible

The New Academy of Celestial Mythology & Ancient Wisdom commences this Saturday, October 14 with a live, three-hour web-based course on the celestial mythology of the Bible.

I will be leading the discussion and using visual images, diagrams, star charts, and planetarium software to help explain how the system works, how specific stories and characters in the scriptures of the Old and New Testament correspond to constellations and other heavenly bodies, and how those celestial actors relate to the profound message contained in the ancient texts.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion, and by the end of the class you should be equipped to begin to converse with the ancient myths yourself in the language that they are actually speaking, as well as to see connections between the stories and figures found in the Bible and those found in the other amazing ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories from around the world.

You will also see the stars in a new light the next time you are able to go out and view the heavens in person.

To reserve your place in the course, please visit the sign-up page here.

The live class will begin this Saturday at 10am Pacific time, which is the same as 1pm Eastern time and 5pm (1700) UTC.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Follow-up to discussion of the events of Las Vegas and beyond

Image: Catalog of training aids published online here by the US Army's Training Support Center, Fort Gordon, Georgia. Page 32 of 44.

Below is an objection posted on Facebook regarding my recent video entitled "Las Vegas (10/01/2017) and the manipulation of history" expressing concern for the victims and families of victims of recent high-profile traumatic events and arguing that my analysis is wrong-headed and harmful (and in fact potentially "Evil" with a capital "E"). 

For the benefit of those who may not have seen this objection and my reply on Facebook (or for those who choose for good and cogent reasons to stay off of Facebook altogether), the unedited text of the objection to my video is posted below, set apart as a block quotation and using blue font for ease of identification of what text belongs to the author of that objection. My reply to this objection, along with some further commentary, is published below that:
Okay. We need to talk.
There is a sweet spot between "The Authorized Narrative(TM) must be believed with no deviation" and "Sandy Hook/Las Vegas/Charlottesville are planned events being perpetrated by the Government and actors in order to control the sheeple." 

That sweet spot is a place where one can wonder, and question, but still respect the very real pain that very real people experienced.

Because to do otherwise is as bad, **perhaps worse**, as "all official narrative must be believed with no deviation." 

Las Vegas was real. It was not acted. Real people got brutally murdered and injured by ammunition designed to disintegrate human flesh. Real people are going to be walking around with PTSD for the rest of their lives. Real people are going to be permanently disfigured or disabled because of their injuries. Real families are shattered, the pieces never to be put back together again. 

I *know* this not because I always buy into The Authorized Narrative(TM), but because I KNOW someone who was there. I saw her tweets to her panicking family (with whom I am close) living a night of hell not knowing if their daughter was going to die. I also live in a small town on the East Coast that has two families affected. One couple was there on vacation; didn't get injured, but witnessed the mayhem and the trauma. Another couple who are long-time residents here have a son, also born and raised here and well-known in this town, who was an off-duty police officer. He got shot in the legs. 

Of course, I might be a player in The Authorized Narrative(TM) and this family who has lived in New Bern, NC all their lives, as well as their son, might be players in TAM(TM), and the woman in Vegas I know who had to jump over bodies to get away might be bought-and-paid-for. All the families affected around the country whose stories are being told in small-town and regional newspapers might be government plants.

And that's the point where someone who wonders and questions The Authorized Narrative needs to get a hold of themselves. In a universe of infinite probability, the government might have bought off families all over the country and staged a bunch of actors that would fool Jason Aldean and his crew, the other performers, the workers, the first responders, the hospital surgeons and nurses and technicians, and so on including the many attendees who were neither killed nor injured but ended up covered in blood -- and real blood is hard to fake, that smell that hovers between iron and sugar. But at what point does such conjecture become not only completely fantastic (in the old sense of the word) but also downright harmful?


We question the The Authorized Narrative because we feel that Evil is being done to us by the Powers-That-Be. However, we're in a position now where ****the questioning itself creates Evil.****

It's Evil to deny the horror, the trauma, the grief of men and women who lost children in Sandy Hook. It's Evil to deny the horror of people like my acquaintance who had to jump over bleeding bodies and cower in a stranger's apartment. 

Question the narrative. Question whether Paddock worked alone or not. Question a lot of it if you feel the need. But when you start challenging people's very real trauma, you've lost me and a lot of others, and I hate to tell you this, but such choices make me question the entire body of work that I have followed and pondered and learned from for several years.

I DARE anyone who thinks Sandy Hook, Charlottesville, or Las Vegas were perpetrated by actors to actually go and talk to some of the victims and the victims; families. Just go there. Go on a train, invest in a plane ticket, crowdfund if you have to. Go and talk to them. See what conclusions you draw.

Below is my reply published this morning to this objection and to some of the points and questions that it raises, also set off as a block quotation and highlighted in a maroon-colored font for ease of identification. In this version, I have added paragraph breaks for ease of reading which were not present in my Facebook reply, but everything else is unchanged. Following that will be a couple more thoughts about this particular incident:
I appreciate your concern for the families directly affected. One of the very first things that I said in that video was that I was making it on the evening of the day following the incidents in Las Vegas and that it was of course too soon to make any conclusive proclamations about the event itself, which is why it was completely inappropriate for the controlled media to be authoritatively declaring precisely what happened less than twelve hours later. 
I did not say in that video that nobody was shot or that nobody was killed. However, I provided abundant evidence to question the official narrative, which was already being declared in somber tones less than twelve hours after the fact -- including the narrative that well over 500 people were shot by a single individual with no military training or experience, acting alone. 
You have not addressed any of the evidence provided in that video in your reply. Among that video evidence was a man at the scene saying this: "We can't go yet" (7:27 - 7:35 in the video). I would suggest that if someone is truly in fear for his or her life, experiencing the impact of incoming automatic weapons fire on both the bodies and asphalt around him or her, those words "We can't go yet" would not be among the phrases that would be likely to be heard coming from his or her mouth. 
Also included among the evidence presented in that video was visual evidence that the high-resolution photograph published in the NY Times of individuals flying into the air at Charlottesville does not match -- and cannot possibly be made to match -- the video of the car plowing into people at the same incident. If the video and the high-res photo show the same "take" then there is no way that the man who is seen to be completely horizontal at the level of the tail-lights of the challenger in the high-res photo can be sliding off the opposite bumper of the toyota truck as he is seen to do in the video, unless he miraculously hit the ground and then teleported to the opposite side of the truck in less than a second. The other possible explanation, of course, is that the high-res photo was taken at a different "take" than the video that is shown. This is very damning evidence and demonstrates the clear possibility that events are being manipulated. 
Does this mean that I am saying that no one was hit when the car plows into the crowd in the video? No, it does not mean that I am saying that -- but the evidence must be addressed, because it clearly demonstrates that something more is going on than the official narrative admits. And if you were a family member of someone who was in fact injured by that car, I would argue that you would be interested to find that out. 
Similarly, the video evidence presented from Orlando is equally damning. The procession carrying a casualty, led by a tall woman in a black chicken-vest, is not just suspicious -- it is completely preposterous. No actual casualty would ever be transported in such a fashion. You have not addressed this evidence, or any of the other evidence that I presented, in your response, but this evidence very clearly establishes a pattern of extremely questionable activity surrounding recent traumatic events -- events which may well be deliberately fashioned in order to move the overall sentiment of the public towards greater repression, surveillance, and anti-democratic governance, and I have an interest in pointing that fact out. 
It is not "only" the families of those directly affected by these incidents who have an interest in what happened -- it is every single man and woman on this planet. Additionally, the families of those who lost loved ones in a violent incident are typically intensely desirous that the truth of what happened -- and the true identity of those responsible -- be discovered. A member of my own family was violently murdered when I was 15 years old and I can tell you that nobody in that situation says "I don't really care to know who did it, and if they pin the blame on someone else, that doesn't matter." 
Finally, I'm sorry if you feel that my analysis of the evidence presented in that video somehow causes you to question the body of evidence I have presented in six books, nearly 1000 blog posts, and dozens of videos showing that the myths of the world are based upon the heavenly cycles. I'm not sure why you would reach that conclusion, but I can assure you that the amount of evidence which shows a connection between the myths and the stars is at this point overwhelming and (in my opinion) will stand on its own in spite of my own personal flaws or human failings. None of us is perfect, least of all me, and fortunately the evidence connecting the myths and the stars is not at all dependent on my being without error in my own judgement and analysis. 
I have made plenty of errors of analysis in the past and will make them again. But when there is a pattern of evidence which points to a conclusion other than the official narrative that is being aggressively and incessantly repeated by the controlled media or even the representatives of conventional academia, it behooves us to examine that evidence -- especially if it is forming a compelling pattern that is different from the narrative being offered, and especially if it appears that the narrative of history is being manipulated. It is now over 50 years since JFK was murdered, and over 16 years since over 3000 people were killed on September 11, and the narrative in the controlled media regarding those events continues to defy the overwhelming evidence that committed researchers have discovered and presented to the world. 
It is very possible that the same control of the media and control of the "official narrative" which characterizes those incidents demonstrates a continuity of method with these more recent incidents in which the same control of the media and the same control of the official narrative is very much in evidence. And that is something that concerns each and every one of us. It would be irresponsible of me to NOT point it out. 
These events are hideous and sickening and it would be much easier to say nothing about them, or to mumble some standard platitudes and just move on, but as Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, we are supposed to seek to do what is right without expectation of reward or fear of retribution or indeed any attachment whatsoever. Notice he did not say "do whatever you want" without attachment -- he said do what is right. And if someone is using violent incidents and deception in order to usher in police-state measures which no one would normally accept, and in order to otherwise take away the inalienable rights of men and women (including their right to not be shot, which I explicitly mention in that video and in the accompanying blog post), then what is right is to oppose that deception and that violence to the best of our ability, and with the assistance of the invisible realm (with Krishna on their side, the Pandauvas are able to overcome seemingly overwhelming odds, in the Mahabharata of ancient India). ._/\_.
Again, it is very possible that people were shot and some of them even killed during the horrific events in Las Vegas last weekend. I never said that there weren't. 

But I did present evidence and analysis -- including analysis based on my own personal experience as an Infantry officer in line battalions, companies, and platoons of the US Regular Army, which included extensive training and employment of automatic weapons of multiple types and many different calibers in many different types of situations and environments -- which should cause us to question the narrative which was being confidently and authoritatively and insistently and repetitively declared by every single outlet of the controlled media within a few hours of the events themselves (without any of the time that would be needed to conduct proper investigation and analysis) and which has continued to be repeated at the top of the news all week long, worldwide.

In light of some of the photographs which have been published (or even, supposedly, "leaked") since the day after the incident (when I made the video attached to the previous post), I would offer the following additional analysis:
  • In the photograph below, we do not see the number of expended shell casings (or "brass") that would indicate the volume of fire required to hit well over 500 people, even if every round fired was a hit (which would be highly unlikely). In other words, there should be brass from well over 600 rounds lying on the floor in this image -- probably brass from close to 1,000 expended rounds or even more than that. There is nowhere close to that much expended brass lying around on the floor in this image. There is not even enough brass lying on the floor in this photograph to match up with the length of the bursts of fire which can be heard in the videos from the venue of the concert that I analyzed in my previous post and video.
  • In the photograph below, we see small arms with "bump stocks" (which the editors at the NY Times have helpfully labelled for us). We do not see any large-caliber machine guns such as an M60 machinegun or an M240B machinegun. We don't even see any M249 squad automatic weapons. However, in the videos taken from the venue of the concert, we can quite clearly hear a weapon (the first burst of fire in particular) which sounds like an M60 or an M240B and which sounds nothing like an AR-15 with a bump stock. We also hear a second weapon which sounds more like an M249 or other smaller-caliber automatic weapon with a higher cyclic rate of fire.  In other words, the weapons shown in this video are inconsistent with the sounds of firing that we can hear in the videos posted on the web taken at the venue of the concert.
  • The weapons shown in this image, labeled with "bump stock," are also shown with precision scopes and holographic sights (also helpfully labelled by the NY Times). It should go without saying that use of precision scopes and holographic sights is completely inconsistent with the firing of extended bursts of fully-automatic fire -- especially if using a "bump stock." 
  • The weapons shown in this image are all magazine fed. The NY Times has helpfully labeled a small stack of "high-capacity magazines" next to the large purple pillar in the photograph. Again, the extended bursts that we can hear in the videos posted to the web taken at the venue sound like M60 or M240B machineguns, which are typically belt-fed, as well as another weapon which could be an M249 SAW (typically drum-fed), and the volume of fire in those videos suggests a belt-fed rather than a magazine-fed weapon, but even if we allow that a magazine-fed weapon was used, we would expect to see dozens of expended magazines lying around on the floor in this video, if indeed this "lone gunman" (whose body apparently can be seen in the composite image) had expended upwards of 600 rounds. There are very few, if any, expended magazines seen lying on the floor in this image.
  • No machinegun tripods are visible in this image. The two items labeled "gun stands" by the ever-helpful NY Times are bipods attached to small-caliber automatic rifles. On the first day after the event, I heard on the news that tripods were found in the room. An M60 machinegun or an M240B machinegun is most accurately fired from a heavy (specially-designed) tripod, from which the direction of fire can be more consistently controlled (because the recoil of a weapon fired on fully-automatic is significant, especially a large-caliber weapon such as an M60 machine-gun or an M240B). Bipod fire is far less accurate and far less consistent and much more difficult to control, especially if firing down from a steep angle. The absence of tripods makes the allegation that a single shooter was able to use automatic weapons to inflict well over 500 casualties much less plausible.
  • The image contains the strange detail of "two chairs pushed together," which actually resemble a bathtub in the middle of the room, and within which are shown some additional rifles. This detail does not make any tactical sense whatsoever -- the two chairs pushed together do not provide any cover for the shooter, nor do they enhance a shooter's fields of fire in any way. However, the two chairs pushed together do create a shape suggestive of a sarcophagus, which would perhaps be consistent with the symbology of the "harvest festival" held directly across from the Luxor pyramid and sphinx and obelisk.
Below is the image from the NY Times which the above comments address (it's a large image, and you may need to "scroll" to the right in order to see the whole thing):

Based on the above photographic evidence (and the anomalies discussed above), and based also upon the sounds heard in the videos posted to the web from the venue of the concert (which can be viewed in my previous video analysis created the day following the incident itself), I would suggest that it is very possible that at least some of the sounds of automatic weapons fire heard in the concert video footage could be coming from a pneumatic simulator of the sort that we sometimes used during training events to simulate the sound of machinegun fire. These pneumatic simulators are extremely robust: they never jam, and they are very loud, and they sound just like a machinegun. 

At the top of this post is an image of a pneumatic simulator for the M2 (which we called the "Ma Deuce") .50-caliber machinegun, which is a heavy machinegun with which I also have some experience, having had these machineguns in my platoon when I was an anti-tank platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division in the 1990s (I was also a line rifle platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division, in addition to an anti-tank platoon leader). The pneumatic simulator for the M60 machinegun was similar, but I could not find an image for one of those on the web anywhere. 

The sounds heard in the video do not sound like the firing of a .50-cal, but they do sound very much like an M60 machinegun or an M240B machinegun -- or like a pneumatic simulator used in training which sounds very much like those machineguns but which does not jam, and which does not fire actual rounds. As noted in my video analysis, we hear long bursts of automatic weapons fire, but we do not hear the corresponding sounds of impact from those rounds, or the sounds of the crack of the rounds themselves going by, or the hysterical screaming that we would expect to hear if at least some of those rounds were impacting with human beings.

It is very possible that, if people were indeed shot and wounded and even killed in the Las Vegas incident, they were shot with a different weapon (such as a sniper rifle) while pneumatic simulators were used to simulate the sound of fully automatic weapons fire. I am of course open to the possibility that men and women were indeed shot during the horrific events in Las Vegas -- but I believe that there is abundant evidence that these events took place in a way that is completely different from what we have been led to believe (and the same can be said about the events of Charlottesville, Orlando, and many other incidents in recent years). 

Additionally, any responsible newspaper which published the above composite image (which was published in the NY Times as well as on CNN and in the Daily Mail) should have had reporters and editors capable of asking the questions addressed in the numerous points of analysis above regarding the missing shell casings ("brass"), the missing expended magazines, the absence of tripods, the absence of any actual machineguns other than "AR-15 style" assault rifles, and the utility of scopes and holographic sights on weapons supposedly fired at cyclic rates of fire using bump-stocks. 

The fact that such photographs are being presented to us uncritically as support for the conventional narrative, instead of being analyzed and questioned to see if indeed they might support a different interpretation of events, suggests that the so-called "mainstream media" are being used to reinforce the officially-sanctioned narrative of the incident, rather than to investigate events and try to find out what really took place (the role of a free and independent media). As noted in my Facebook reply above, we can see plenty of evidence that the role of the media  in the united states and allied countries has been to reinforce the official narrative -- regardless of physical evidence to the contrary -- since at least the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November of 1963.

In contrast to some of those who occasionally criticize my work on the web (such as on Facebook or on YouTube), I publish my work under my own full name, David Warner Mathisen, names given to me by my parents and ancestors. Anyone with the desire to do so can readily verify that I am who I say I am, and that I did indeed attend the US Military Academy at West Point, graduate from Ranger School and a host of other infantry training courses, and serve for many years in active duty line infantry battalions of the regular army including the 82nd Airborne Division (where I also graduated from the 82nd Airborne's  "Machinegun Leaders Course"). 

Below is an image published in the newspaper back in the mid-1990s showing a "pass-and-review" during the annual "All-American Week" held every year at Fort Bragg, when I was serving as a company executive officer in a line company of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment and was acting as the company commander because the actual commanding officer was out of town during that week, and you can easily identify me as the rather tall individual wearing glasses while yelling out the commands of "Eyes right!" and "Ready, front!" as we pass the reviewing stand and salute. 

I served in this capacity in order to support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That is the same constitution which contains the Bill of Rights declaring as inalienable human rights (among others) freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, and prohibiting the deprivation of any person's life, liberty or property without due process of law, as well as a host of other rights -- all of which rights are quite obviously under attack today by those who despise the people and democratic forms of government.

Those who knowingly perpetrate violent acts or traumatic events in order to move the world towards greater acceptance of repression, restriction of free movement and travel, mass surveillance, mass incarceration, privatization of resources given by nature (or by the gods), and the perpetration of invasions and wars of aggression -- as well as any in the media who knowingly facilitate the spreading of demonstrably false narratives about these traumatic events -- can be said to be acting in direct opposition to the ideals expressed in the constitution and the Bill of Rights, and arguably to be committing treason against it based upon the constitution's own definition in Article III and section 3. 

Not only that, but they can be said to be traitors against humanity itself, as well against the gods themselves, who give life to all men and women. 

Exposing such lies, and standing against oppression and violence and deprivation, is part of our duty in this life, according to the ancient wisdom given to humanity and preserved in the world's myths, scriptures and sacred stories found in every culture on every continent and island of this beautiful planet.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas (01 October 2017) and the manipulation of history

Above is a new video which I made the day following the tragic events in Las Vegas of 01 October, 2017. 

If the true story of humanity's ancient history has been deliberately suppressed and manipulated (and there is evidence to suggest some deliberate manipulation), then we should be sensitive to the possibility that the narrative of more recent history has also been deliberately manipulated.

In fact, in his landmark book Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell warned us of manipulators who understand that the manipulation of what the public thinks about the past (including the recent past) can be an extraordinarily powerful tool of social control.

More than sixteen years after the events of September 11, 2001, conventional media and conventional academy still treats any skepticism about the "official" story as heresy -- despite overwhelming evidence that the official explanation for the cause of the collapse of the buildings on that day completely defy the laws of physics (listen for instance to this recent interview with Richard Gage by the dynamic duo of Darren and Graham at Grimerica).

More than fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight in Dallas, the ludicrous "official" explanation is still repeated each year on the anniversary of that tragic event, despite the evidence which stalwart researchers have brought to light in the intervening decades showing that the truth of what took place on that day and in the decades which followed has been deliberately suppressed and continues to be suppressed to the present moment.

Even more recently, the efforts of the tireless researcher Ole Dammegard shine a spotlight on abundant evidence that at least some (and perhaps a majority) of the traumatic and media-grabbing events that seem to be unfolding with ever-increasing frequency in recent years may be the work of groups of "crisis actors" which follow a traveling circuit in much the same way as a rock band on tour (in Ole's own metaphor). As unbelievable as that may sound, there are extremely suspicious pieces of evidence in recent traumatic headline-grabbing (and watershed) events in the united states, including Charlottesville (2017) and Orlando (2016), some of which is examined in the above video.

Additionally, Ole recently appeared on The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood, and some of the patterns that Ole discussed can be seen in some of the images from the Charlottesville car attack -- even though that portion of the the show was recorded some days prior to Charlottesville. The entire interview is well worth hearing, if you are a subscriber to The Higherside Chats "Plus" -- and if you are not yet, then you may want to sign up to hear this entire interview (as well as all of the other extended content available to THC+ members).

It is too soon to draw any definitive conclusions regarding the horrific events of October 1st in Las Vegas -- which is why the confident declarations already being made the very next morning, that the correct shooter has been positively identified and that even though he is dead it is certain that he acted alone, are almost undoubtedly premature. It should be seen as a grave insult to those directly affected by this event -- and to everyone else in the world who is now indirectly affected by it -- to make such sweeping pronouncements less than twelve hours later, and yet that is exactly what is taking place.

And to question those sweeping pronouncements -- as with all the other similar traumatic watershed events -- is treated as heretical in today's uncritical (and indeed "anti-critical") society.

It is just as heretical as questioning the conventional narrative of humanity's ancient past, which we have been ordered to believe.

In an inspired partnership that began at the beginning of the decade of the 1990s, the great John Anthony West and Professor Robert Schoch dared to present evidence which completely undermines the conventional narrative of humanity's ancient history -- evidence centered on the erosion of the Sphinx and Sphinx Enclosure at Giza in Egypt. For this heretical challenge, they were personally ridiculed and their work was dismissively attacked by the representatives of conventional academia.

You can see a contemporary account (from the 1990s) of this controversy in a documentary narrated by the late Charleton Heston here.

By strange (or perhaps not-so-strange) synchronicity, it happens that the deeply disturbing events of October 1st in Las Vegas took place immediately in front of a replica of an Egyptian pyramid and the Sphinx (at Luxor in Vegas). And, as most people will also realize, it also happens that Charleton Heston was an ardent defender of the inherent right of men and women to keep and bear arms.

Whatever the truth is about the recent events of October 1st in Las Vegas, they are sickening and wrong -- whether the truth is close to the current "official" narrative, or whether it is something altogether different.

Whatever took place, it can be definitively stated that the motives included robbing men and women of the gifts which the ancient wisdom entrusted to humanity in the forms of myths, scriptures and sacred stories saw as bestowed by the gods (including life itself, which has always been understood to come from the Invisible realm -- the divine realm).

Whether or not the narrative of this particular event is being deliberately manipulated (and the very rapidity with which the "official" story is being declared, with no time or space allowed for careful and thorough analysis should be a major point of suspicion), we can say with certainty that those who fraudulently manipulate history in order to oppress others and to take for themselves the resources which are bestowed by the gods upon all men and women can be seen by almost any reading of the ancient myths to be collaborating against humanity -- and against the divine realm itself.

And, according to the ancient myths, that never ends well.