Thursday, September 22, 2022

September Equinox, 2022

The moment of the annual September Equinox is fast approaching, in which the sun's path crosses the celestial equator on its way to the December Solstice.

That moment will occur on 22 September at 9:03 pm in North America's Eastern time zone, which is 6:03 pm in North America's Pacific time zone on 22 September, and which is already 23 September in some parts of the world (although the moment that the center of the sun's disc crosses the exact celestial equator is the same moment in time no matter where you are on our planet -- the local time is different, but the moment in time is the same).

Above is a short selection from one of the chapters in my online course, Celestial Mechanics and the Myths, which explains some aspects of the way that the world's ancient myths use the framework of the Equinoxes and Solstices to convey profound truths for our benefit in this life.

That course contains eight full hours of on-demand video content which clearly explain what the celestial equator is and how to find it at your latitude, how the solstices and equinoxes create the framework of our year, and how the heavenly cycles (and especially the annual cycle delineated by the solstices and equinoxes) form the framework which the ancient myths use as a kind of language or code to convey their esoteric teaching.

In addition, it explores the cycles of the Moon and of the ages-long cycle of Precession, so that you can confidently understand all of the most important heavenly cycles used by the world's myths.

The September Equinox -- which is the Autumnal or Fall Equinox for the northern hemisphere of our globe -- plays an extremely significant role in the framework of the myths. At this important juncture, it is of course most appropriate to contemplate our role in this incarnate life and our place in the beautiful world through which we are traveling along with our fellow men and women and all of nature's beings.

And as we do so, we can also consider our responsibility towards maintaining and sustaining and indeed uplifting those around us and with whom we come into daily contact -- as well as the entire earth as it passes through this momentous point on its journey, and on all the other days as well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Welcome to new visitors from the Esoteric Thoughts channel -- and to returning friends!

Above is an interview with the insightful Esoteric, recently published at his Esoteric Thoughts channel on YouTube.

It is one of a number of other recorded conversations we've had in the past month or so -- with more to be published soon!

Welcome to any new visitors to this site coming over as a result of this interview -- and of course Welcome Back to returning friends!

You can also hear my previous conversations with Esoteric which were published in November and December 2021, here and here (and embedded below).

Thank you to Esoteric for inviting me back! I hope you will enjoy all of our different conversations -- and please remember to give him some positive feedback for all his hard work producing this show!

Monday, August 29, 2022

Re-visiting the Tychos Model of our (binary?) Solar System


Above is a video that I posted almost exactly two years ago, around August 29 - 30, 2020, entitled: "Simon Shack, Tycho Brahe, Retrograde Mars, and the Vital Importance of the Moon."

Two years later, I still believe it is worth re-visiting this video in order to understand some of the grave problems with the conventional models used to explain the movements of the planets that we can observe from Earth -- and in particular the motions of the planet Mars.

Norwegian researcher Simon Shack has updated the model proposed by the great astronomer Tycho Brahe to argue that our sun -- like virtually every other star we can observe today -- is a multiple star rather than a solo star, and that it is involved in a binary dance involving Mars, with Earth "stuck" in the barycenter of that binary dance. He calls his model the Tychos Model, using Tycho's first name and adding an "S" at the end for Simon's.

This proposed arrangement has been modeled in a visual computer model by Swedish coder Patrik Lundqvist, in coordination with Simon, with the result that the model matches the observations and measurements of the data collected over the years by astronomers.

Recently, Simon and Patrik made two appearances with my friends Graham and Darren of the Grimerica Show podcast to have a conversation about the Tychos Model. I recommend watching my video, above (even if you have seen it already, a year or more ago), as well as listening to the first conversation (which is audio only), and watching the second one (which uses the visual computer model to illustrate the Tychos more clearly). 

I myself have so far only heard the first, audio-only, conversation -- but I plan to watch the second one soon as well.

Below are links to the audio interview and the visual presentation:

Friday, August 12, 2022

Randall Carlson, Clive Hustito, Robert Dakota and David Mathisen discuss our ancient hidden history!

Here's a brand-new video featuring Randall Carlson, Clive Hustito, Robert Dakota and myself discussing the importance of humanity's hidden ancient history, and introducing the upcoming Earth Origins Conference scheduled for this October 28 - 30, in Sedona, Arizona.

More details on pricing and reserving your spot at the conference can be found at the website of World Viewz Media, here.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this conversation! Please feel free to share with those who would benefit -- and hope to see you in Sedona in October!

Monday, August 8, 2022

August 8 and 9: Anniversary of the so-called Manson Murders

image: Sharon Tate in 1969, Wikimedia Commons (link).

August 8 - 9 marks the anniversary of the horrific murders which shocked the country and the world and which were used to generate a backlash against the counterculture movement which was threatening the status quo and opposing the Vietnam War.

The ongoing importance of this terrible event simply cannot be overstated. It marked a turning point in world history on par with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and in fact related to it. It deserves everyone's attention and serious consideration -- and we should never let its anniversary pass without contemplating the abundant evidence that shows that there is far more to these murders than we in the United States have been told by a controlled media which to this day continues to contribute to the cover-up.

Author and investigative journalist Tom O'Neill devoted twenty years to the study of this case and in 2019 published a magisterial book entitled Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties. His work absolutely demolishes the conventional storyline and proves beyond doubt that the Manson Family was an operation which was given official protection by high-ranking agencies, that the mind-control techniques which Manson used were part of an official, immoral, unconstitutional, and indeed highly criminal program of mind control conducted by unaccountable agencies in the national security agencies of the federal government which had previously been tested on unsuspecting members of the military in order to get them to commit actual murders of civilians and even young children, and that the prosecution of the case led by Vincent Bugliosi of Helter Skelter fame was a fraud, designed to propagate a storyline which omitted and obscured the deep involvement of the national security state in the killings, while simultaneously implicating the counterculture and antiwar movements and effectively bringing them to an end.

On this anniversary, everyone should try to read or re-read Tom O'Neill's book, as well as searching out all of the many podcast appearances that Tom O'Neill has made (just search for the words "O'Neill Chaos" in order to find them). In fact, starting with several of his podcast interviews might even be the best way to prepare for reading his actual book.

In Chaos, Tom O'Neill writes: 

Talk about the murders long enough, and inevitably someone will bring up Joan Didion's famous remark from The White Album [the title of a book by Joan Didion published in 1979 and consisting mostly of a collection of some of her previously published essays]: "The sixties ended abruptly on August 9, 1969 . . . The tension broke that day. The paranoia was fulfilled." There's the germ of truth in that. But the process wasn't so abrupt. It began that day, but it wasn't over, really, until December 1, 1969, when the police announced the crimes had been solved and the nation got its first glimpse of the killers. Here was the final fulfillment of paranoia, the last gasp of sixties idealism. 25.

In a very real sense, the so-called Manson Murders marked the demolition of 1960s idealism and the youth movement that was challenging the direction that the country was going.

As I have written and spoken about previously, pioneering conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell realized by 1971 that the murders of August 1969 bore all the earmarks of a criminal government-sponsored operation, and that its purpose appeared to be to crush both the hippie counterculture movement and the Black Panthers, both of which were deemed to be extremely threatening to the status quo by members of the national security state.

Here is a link to a transcript of a broadcast done by Mae in October of 1971 in which she points out the overwhelming number of anomalies surrounding the Manson killings, and argues that they were part of an operation designed to turn ordinary Americans against both the Panthers and the hippie antiwar counterculture movement.

In that 1971 broadcast, Mae says:

I knew in the summer of '67—this was the spring when it was happening—that something very big in the United States was coming to a head. Because I live in the Peninsula here; I'm close to a movement that was growing [. . .] I realized that in this country we had a revolution. [. . .] I realized that it was going to be stopped in some way, because it was taking hold; It captured the basic good that is in people. I don't believe in the doctrine of original sin, I believe in original goodness. And these children had it -- they have it. Somebody was going to have to get them. [. . .] So I was watching how the hippie scene would be put down and what evidence there was that they had to crack it.

Almost fifty years after Mae Brussell broadcast those arguments, the research of Tom O'Neill has uncovered abundant evidence that appears to confirm much of the suspicions that Mae was voicing back then.

This gruesome event was cynically used to shut down opposition to the runaway trajectory that the United States was already on, following the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 -- a trajectory that has only accelerated in the fifty-three years since the summer of 1969.

Tom O'Neill's research demonstrates that the so-called Manson Murders were part of a much larger operation, that this operation received a high-level coverup during the criminal trial process that followed, and that the media has continued to present a false and misleading picture of the significance of the events of August 1969 right down to this very day.

The implications of these conclusions are enormous, and absolutely relevant to everything that is happening in the world around us right now. We need to become informed, and then we need to demand accountability -- but that won't happen until a lot more people wake up to the lies we are being fed.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Introducing The Celestial Bible Tour, Part Two!

I'm excited to announce the launch of a brand-new course, The Celestial Bible Tour, Part Two!

This course contains over ten hours of teaching that you can watch at your own pace.

The world's ancient myths reveal our disconnection from Self and point us towards recovery. The stories in the Bible are built upon the very same foundation as the world's other ancient myths: a foundation of celestial metaphor, pointing us towards reconnection with Self.

See the overwhelming evidence in this new course!

Explore the stories of Joseph in Egypt, Moses and the Crossing of the Red Sea, the Exodus, the Judges period, and the adventures of David and of King Solomon. See how these stories can be shown to be celestial, and how their profound lessons apply to your life!

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of my work.

Find your Self in the Myths!

image: Wikimedia Commons (link).

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Join Us at Contact at the Cataracts with Randall Carlson!

Join me for another epic adventure with Randall Carlson in the catastrophic geology of the Channeled Scablands of Washington State as we explore the evidence that our ancient history is far different than we have been told!

In addition to Randall's talks and guided expeditions to spectacular sites such as Grand Coulee, Dry Falls, Drumheller Channels, Potholes Cataract, and the Rolling Palouse, I will be giving some talks on the world's ancient Star Myths and leading Star Myth Tours of the night sky.

Spaces are still available for this unforgettable experience! You can sign up at the Contact at the Cabin website. There are two halves of the tour to choose from: the Scablands Adventure with Randall which runs from 19 - 24 September 2022 and features special guest Brandon Powell (a Master Trainer in the Wim Hof Method), and the Scablands Adventure with Randall which runs from 26 September - 01 October 2022 and features special guest David Mathisen. 

Both weekends feature Randall Carlson, fellow researcher Bradley Young, and the podcasting teams of Grimerica (Darren and Graham) and the Brothers of the Serpent (Russ and Kyle).

If you are looking for an event which has both myself and Brandon Powell at the same time, check out the Contact at the Canyons event which takes place at Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon National Parks in Utah in the spring of each year -- the next event in that annual series takes place in April of 2023 and you can sign up at the same website linked above.

I hope to see you at a future event, perhaps at the upcoming Scablands experience with Randall Carlson in September!