Friday, September 22, 2023

September Equinox, 2023

In just under an hour from now, the path of the Sun across the sky will cross the celestial equator, marking the moment of equinox for September 2023. 

The center of the Solar Disk will cross that line in the heavens at 2349 on 22 September for those located in the Pacific time zone of North America, which will be 0249 on 23 September for those located in the Eastern time zone of the same continent, and 1649 on 23 September for those located in Australia's Eastern standard time zone.

The image above shows the location of the sun from the perspective of an observer in the Northern Hemisphere located in California, with the North Celestial Pole towards the top of the image (which is where one would see the North Celestial Pole if located at that particular latitude in the Northern Hemisphere). The Sun's path that day (and at that particular moment) is crossing the line of the Celestial Equator (a line or ring in the heavens which is 90-degrees south of the North Celestial Pole) on its way SOUTH, thus leading to a situation in which the hours of daylight will be less than the hours of darkness on each particular 24-hour period, until the next equinox in March, when the Sun's arc will again cross that line.

Note that in California, the Sun will be below the horizon at the moment of this September Equinox, because it will be almost midnight.

The image below shows the same moment in time, from the perspective of an observer in the Southern Hemisphere (in Australia):

In this case, the Sun is sinking towards the western horizon but is still above the horizon, as it will be afternoon but not yet evening. Note that the North Celestial Pole is located below the bottom edge of the image, which is where the North Celestial Pole will be located for anyone in Australia: below the horizon at all times, because of the observer's southerly latitude. While they will not "feel" as though they are "upside down" (because gravity), they are located on the part of the sphere of our Earth that is the "bottom half" (if we use the convention that "North" is "up"), which means that when they look into the sky, they will be seeing the southern half of the heavens. The curve of the spherical earth will completely obscure the North Celestial Pole at all times for observers in Australia.

As we see, the Sun's path is crossing the same line of the Celestial Equator, and it is doing so in a southerly direction -- which means that, for observers in the Southern Hemisphere, the arc of the sun will be going HIGHER in the sky each day (because its path is moving towards the South Celestial Pole, towards the top of the second image). That means that hours of daylight will be growing longer than hours of darkness after the Sun passes through the point of September Equinox.

These two images all by themselves basically dis-prove the nonsense arguments of Flat Earth proponents.

The ancient myths of the world use the stars and heavenly cycles to dramatize profound truths for our blessing and benefit in this life. The September Equinox, which is the Fall Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere, is used by the ancient world-wide system as representative of our plunge "down" into a human body, at the moment of conception or of physical birth. Note that this moment takes place against the backdrop in the heavens of the stars of the constellation Virgo (clearly visible in both images).

My online courses at contain many hours of on-demand videos which fully explain the celestial mechanics of the equinoxes and solstices, the Celestial Equator and the North and South Celestial Poles, and how the ancient Star Myths of the World (including the stories of the Bible) use those stars and heavenly cycles to dramatize powerful truths for our lives, including the recovery of Self and healing from psychological trauma.

I wish all who are reading this a peaceful and blessed Equinox for September 2023.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Do you have a democracy if all media is controlled and no one asks questions?

 Did you know that the Emergency Declaration from September 11, 2001 was for one year (in order to enable Congress to have time to act), and it has been continually renewed every year since then?

Are we still in a state of emergency from September 11, 2001? Why?

Below is the renewal for this year, (2023) and below that, the renewal from last year (2022).

Both screenshots are from White House dot gov (you can search the site and find these yourself):

Below is the record showing that this same national emergency has been renewed every year since it was enacted in 2001, by presidents from both parties -- including seven times by GW Bush, eight times by Obama, four times by Trump, and now Biden continues the legacy:

Nobody in the major media questions this situation.
But then again, nobody in the major media questions the completely unbelievable "official narrative" that they themselves told us on September 11, 2001 and that they have continued to support without question for 22 years now.

Simon Shack has shown evidence that all the major media broadcasts on that day in 2001, as well as all the supposed "amateur videos" from September 11, were likely pre-fabricated or else fabricated after the fact, and has suggested that the area was evacuated on the morning of the demolition of multiple buildings in the WTC complex that day. This operation was then used to launch a "war on terror" as well as to declare a national emergency, which continues to be renewed every year to this day.

Here is an image from Wikipedia showing the destruction of a lot more buildings in the WTC complex than you have ever heard talked about in the major media:

If the major media and members of the government lied to you about what really took place on September 11, 2001 (and continue to do so, for 22 years straight and counting) then the question to be asked is whether you think you have a free country and a free media in the United States, and if not what you think you have.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Stars Over Egypt! Incredible Egypt Tour coming up in November, 2024

Above is a new video announcing an incredible opportunity for November of 2024: the Stars Over Egypt tour with Patricia Awyan Lehman, Kesenya Moore, and myself.

In the video above, Patricia walks us through just some of the sites and experiences we can expect next year in Egypt. Kesenya provides some discussion of the significance of the heliacal rising of the star Regulus, which takes place in the month of September each year (with some differences to the actual date, based on your location and latitude), and I give a short discussion of the connection of the Stars and the ancient Myths, with some reference to the famous Round Zodiac of Dendera.

This tour will be magnificent: I very much hope you can join us. 

Monday, September 4, 2023

The Moon, The Earth, and Venus: Latest Video explores Toltec Stone and Harmonic Cycles

Here is a video I made with Kesenya of Guiding Star Astrology exploring the harmonies of the cycles of the Moon, Venus, and Earth, along with the Sun and the rest of our integrated system, entitled: "Venus Cycles -- and the Aztec Sunstone!"

Please enjoy and share!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Tychos conversation with Simon and Patrik, Part Two!

Above please find the video of my second recorded conversation with Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist discussing the Tychos Model.

This conversation is the second part of a two-part series, and it was recorded on 13 August 2023.

Part One was recorded on 21 July 2023 and the video of that discussion can be found here.

And here for ease of reference is a video I first published back in August of 2020 discussing the Tychos framework and the thorny problem of the wide variations in the Empirical Sidereal Intervals of Mars (the amount of time, measured in Earth days, between two successive moments when Mars aligns in the heavens with the same particular star, as seen from Earth).

Other links to subjects we discuss in this latest conversation can be found in the "description" section of the video itself on YouTube.

I hope you will enjoy this newest conversation! Please "like" and "share" to help it gain wider traction, and also hit "subscribe" if you want to receive notification whenever I publish a new video. 

Friday, August 11, 2023

CPAK 12 is just around the corner!

Join us for another unforgettable Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge in beautiful Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs, California, this October 2023!

This will be the twelfth CPAK and it promises to be a very special event, featuring Graham Hancock, Walter Cruttenden, Hugh Newman, Ben from UnchartedX, Chris Dunn, Patricia Awyan Lehman, Jimmy Corsetti, Marco Vigato, Veda Austin, Robert Edward Grant, Oana Ghiocel, Joseph Selbie, Boris Fritz, and Charlotte Moroz! Plus, of course, yours truly speaking on the Star Myths of the Ancient World. You can use this link to reserve your spot at CPAK-12 using Eventbrite. Also, you can use this link to obtain a discount at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa if you want to stay right there at the event venue. Very much looking forward to it and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Meet the TYCHOS Model of our Binary System!! Conversation with Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist

It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with Simon Shack and Patrik Holmqvist who are exploring the evidence that the conventional Mono-System model of our Solar System may be irretrievably flawed and in need of a radical revision. Simon Shack is the originator of the TYCHOS Model, and Patrik Holmqvist is a coder and developer who together with Simon has constructed a working 3-D computer model of this system in action. In this interview, which was recorded on 21 July 2023, we discuss some of the most compelling evidence which the Tychos explains but which the conventional "Copernican" or "Keplerian" models of our system (in which the Sun has no binary companion, and everything revolves around the Sun alone) have a great deal of difficulty explaining (or which these conventional models IGNORE ALTOGETHER because they cannot explain the evidence itself). A few of the most important areas we discuss are Halley's Comet (and its "Coincident Comets" which seem to suspiciously appear in the years just prior to or just after Halley's expected arrival), the motion of Precession (which cannot be caused by a "lunisolar wobble" as asserted under the conventional model), the extremely unusual behavior of Mars (including its "long and short empiric sidereal intervals" and the upcoming and very difficult to explain "triple ESI" expected in 2050), the apparent centrality of our Moon to the entire system, the concept of planetary retrogrades and why the actual measurements of some retrogrades cannot be explained by the conventional models, the mysterious shape of the analemma, and other intriguing subjects! There are a number of reasons why THE REALITY OF WHAT IS GOING ON IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM (or Geoaxial Binary System) IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! If the Earth is not going around the Sun but is instead moving in a slow circle within a Sun-Mars binary dance, that has tremendous implications in many areas of life! Also, as discussed in this video and in Simon's research, if the rhythms of the circles of the Moon are synchronized with the rhythms of the circles of everything else in the System, from the Sun all the way out to Pluto, then THIS HAS ENORMOUS IMPLICATIONS FOR US, because it means that somehow these rhythms are ALL CONNECTED! We have been told all our lives -- insistently and incessantly -- that nothing is connected in terms of the motions of the planets (and the MOON) on our lives, but that could be COMPLETELY FALSE! For more about the TYCHOS Model including the entire free online edition of Simon's latest book on the TYCHOS, as well as free access to the Tychosium computer simulator, please visit For my 2020 video discussing some aspects of the TYCHOS and illustrating what is meant by the Mars ESI, please visit    • Simon Shack, Tych...   Please LIKE and SHARE this video if you find this information and this subject to be valuable. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING and STAY CURIOUS: THE TRUTH IS UP THERE!