Monday, March 20, 2023

March Equinox 2023

image: Wikimedia Commons (link).

Our Earth reaches the point of Equinox in our dance with the Sun at 2124 UTC on 20 March 2023, which will be 1424 Pacific Time (or 2:24pm) and 1724 Eastern Time (or 5:24pm) in North America, and which will already be 21 March in parts of the world East of Western and Central Europe and West of the International Date Line.

It is the Spring Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere, and the Fall Equinox for the Southern.

The ancient system which forms the foundation for the world's Star Myths from every inhabited continent and island of our globe imbues the heavenly cycles with esoteric significance, and the seasonal cycle of our annual dance with the Sun forms one of the most central of the cycles incorporated metaphorically into the ancient myths. 

In that cycle, the "crossing points" of the two Equinoxes are invested with tremendous importance, having to do with our "plunge down" into this incarnate life and our "crossing upwards" into spirit. I follow the analysis of Alvin Boyd Kuhn on this subject and agree with him on most points regarding the significance of this annual cycle and the four critical points of Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, and Spring Equinox.

The ancient monuments of the world often incorporate solar alignments and special indicators which mark some or all of the great stations of the year (Equinoxes and Solstices), as do the passage mounds of Ireland and the great megalithic stones of Stonehenge. On the island of Malta, the temple of Mnajdra (shown above) is aligned to the Equinoxes, and also incorporates features to mark the Solstices. The massive work involved in the mounds of Ireland or the circles at Stonehenge or the cyclopian walls of Mnajdra and the other monuments on Malta go far beyond anything needed for simply "telling the seasons" or "knowing when to plant crops." 

The complex at Mnajdra is very old, possibly dating back to 3600 BC (or BCE) -- more than 5600 years ago -- and yet its alignments remain intact to this day. As I have pointed out long ago in my first book, the ongoing alignments of these very ancient sites demonstrate that "continental drift" has not been going on at the rate that the conventional proponents of tectonics argue that everything is drifting. 

I discuss some flaws in the current model of tectonics in earlier posts on this blog, as well as in a video I made a couple years ago which discusses a radically different model for the mechanics of our solar system from the Keplerian model that we are all taught in school (YouTube has added a helpful caution that "flat earth" is erroneous -- ignoring the fact that I have never argued for a flat earth and have in fact provided abundant evidence which anyone can examine in order to understand that we are not on a flat earth). 

It is a good time to watch this video again, as we reach this important point in our Earth-Sun dance:

At this time of Equinox, I wish all who are reading this blessing and healing and a new start.

Friday, March 17, 2023

A deeper understanding of the story of St Patrick

images of St Patrick: Wikimedia commons (left and right).

The veneration of St Patrick is celebrated on the 17th of March, supposedly the day of his death.

In my analysis, it is very unlikely such a person ever actually existed in literal history. The details of his life found in the supposedly autobiographical account "Confessio of Saint Patrick" indicate that his story is based on celestial metaphor rather than historical terrestrial events.

According to the story as recorded, Patrick was kidnapped by pirates (this episode is reminiscent of the story of the Greek god Dionysus, also kidnapped by pirates and also associated with the very same constellations with which the figure of Patrick is associated, as I have demonstrated in other places including in my 2016 book on the celestial foundation of the myths of Ancient Greece).

The leading away into captivity is also reminiscent of the account of Joseph in the book of Genesis, which can be definitively shown to be celestial and metaphorical (I have an entire presentation on the Joseph account in one of my on-demand courses, specifically in Celestial Bible Tour, Part Two). 

Depictions of Joseph being sold into captivity often depict Joseph in a posture which evokes the constellation Sagittarius, with the bow of Sagittarius being seen as hands that are crossed and bound rather than as a bow in some ancient myths and associated artwork (see for example the image below, from an illustration published in the 1100s of the scene from Genesis):

image: Wikimedia commons (link).

In the Confessio attributed to Patrick, the author has Patrick say that after he was sold into captivity and taken to Ireland, Patrick spent time tending sheep (see Section 16 of the Confessio, linked above). The constellation Sagittarius often plays the role of a young shepherd who tends to sheep or goats, owing to the slender appearance of the constellation itself (see star chart above) and to the fact that Sagittarius is located immediately adjacent to the Goat of Capricorn in the night sky (not visible in the chart above, but located immediately to the right of Sagittarius as the image is oriented above -- that is, immediately to the east of Sagittarius).

Thus, Joseph as a youth (sold into captivity in Egypt) is associated with Sagittarius, and Patrick as a youth (sold into captivity in Ireland) is also associated with Sagittarius. As I have demonstrated elsewhere, the god Dionysus (who was also captured by pirates in one episode) can also be shown to have been associated with both Sagittarius and also Capricorn in his youth, as a way of hiding from the wrath of the goddess Hera.

When Patrick becomes a bishop, however, he can be shown beyond any doubt to be associated with the  pivotal figure of Ophiuchus (and, intriguingly enough, as I have also shown with abundant supporting evidence elsewhere, both Joseph and also the god Dionysus can be shown to be associated with Ophiuchus as well).

Depictions of St Patrick almost universally depict the bishop standing atop one or more serpents, as can be seen in both of the depictions in the star-chart above. Standing above or atop a serpent or multiple serpents (or atop a serpent with multiple heads) is a very strong indication of association with the constellation Ophiuchus, because Ophiuchus in the sky is positioned directly above as if standing atop the constellation Scorpio -- and Scorpio often plays a serpent in ancient myth and ancient scriptures, including a serpent with multiple heads.

Additionally, St Patrick is usually depicted carrying a staff, sometimes a crook-staff, and Ophiuchus figures in myth often carry rods, staffs, or spears, for reasons which should be obvious from the outline of the constellation itself shown in the star chart above. Note that Moses is also a figure who can be confidently shown to be associated with Ophiuchus, and Moses of course also carries a staff -- and one which can turn into a serpent. There are some depictions of St Patrick in which the serpent at his feet is actually winding its way up the base of Patrick's staff.

Patrick is also often shown with his hand in a gesture associated with the "serpent's head" feature of the constellation Ophiuchus -- with thumb and two fingers raised. The top of the "serpent's head" of Ophiuchus (on the right side of the constellation, as seen in the star chart above -- that is to say, the west side of Ophiuchus) is formed by three stars:

This "serpent's head" of Ophiuchus with its three stars is also the likely origin of the shamrock carried by St Patrick in many depictions -- a shamrock with three lobes.

Intriguingly, in the text of Confessio, the author has Patrick also state (in Section 12 of the Confessio) that he felt like a stone lying deep in the mud, until "he who was powerful came and in his mercy pulled me out, and placed me on the very top of the wall." As I have shown in some of my discussion of the myths of ancient Mesopotamia in my 2019 book Ancient World-Wide System, Ophiuchus can be shown beyond any doubt to have played the role of a wall in some ancient myths. Thus, Patrick's statement in Section 12 about a wall is another piece of evidence supporting his identification with Ophiuchus in the sky.

If the Patrick story is not literal and historical, but rather celestial and metaphorical, then what is its meaning to us? Like the ancient myths mentioned above involving the same constellations, including the myth of Dionysus and the Biblical accounts of Joseph and of Moses, ts meaning is esoteric and intended to tell us something about our own condition. 

The account of captivity and being rescued from captivity can be seen as representative of our own condition -- and, to go even further, as representative of the condition of our own true, authentic Self, which can be cast down, suppressed, and even "buried" (like the stone lying deep in the mud described in Section 12 of Confessio, or like Joseph in Genesis being sold into captivity -- after being cast down into a deep pit or cistern). 

The figure of Ophiuchus, for a variety of reasons discussed at length in my online courses, often plays the role of this authentic Self -- our higher Self, or as I also like to say, our deeper Self -- and the restoration of Self is one of the central themes and indeed one of the central purposes of the ancient myths.

I hope that this discussion of the celestial elements of the Patrick story will be a blessing to you on this day, and throughout the year and the future heavenly cycles.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Abraham Lincoln: Politics Short and Sweet!

Here's a new video entitled "Abraham Lincoln: Politics Short and Sweet!"

Abraham Lincoln gives us his entire political philosophy in three points, and actually in only two sentences.

This is NOT ancient history: his three points have direct and profound application to our situation today, in this very present moment.

The "anti-Lincoln" philosophy of neoliberalism is destroying the people and allowing the theft of the resources given by the gods (or, if you prefer, by Nature) to the Nations of Earth. I have written against neoliberalism in many previous posts, including:

"We need to wake up and focus on neoliberalism"

"The self-devouring rot at the heart of neoliberalism"

"Olive trees against austerity"

"In the midst of great abundance, our leaders promote privation"

"Austerity and rent-seeking versus public infrastructure and prosperity"

"Knowledge to combat austerity, unemployment, and privation"

"Austerity is an affront to the gods"

"Collaborators against the gods"

I hope you will share with those for whom this message will be positive in some way.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Welcome to new visitors from the InnerVerse Podcast! (and to returning friends)

Big thank-you to Chance Garton, host of the InnerVerse Podcast, for having me over to his show for a wide-ranging conversation about myth, language, and their meaning for our lives: "David Mathisen -- Star Myths of the Norse: Thor, the Universal Thunderer, and the Holy World Tree." 

Welcome to anyone visiting for the first time after learning about my work through the InnerVerse Podcast! And welcome back to returning friends. I hope this conversation will be positive to you in some way, and please feel free to share it with others for whom it might also be helpful in a positive way.

This conversation was recorded on Sunday, 19 February, 2023.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Esoteric of Esoteric Thoughts: Go in Peace and Power, Stepping Onward Through Eternity

Today, along with many of you, I heard the news that my friend Esoteric has continued onward in his journey. Above is brief tribute video that I made today.

Below is the video announcement from his friend Napah:

Below is a YouTube video I made recently with links to my previous appearances on the Esoteric Thoughts channel:

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Welcome to new visitors from the Esoteric Thoughts channel! (and to returning friends)

Another warm thank-you to Esoteric of the Esoteric Thoughts channel for inviting me over for a conversation about "A Tale of Two Kings" and the ancient stories of Solomon and Midas.

This interview was actually recorded on 22 July 2022 but due to the way the schedule worked out, it is just now appearing for the first time today!

I hope you will enjoy this discussion -- and as always, please feel free to share with those for whom this information would be positive and valuable in some way.

Also, please consider giving Esoteric some positive feedback for all his hard work!

The stories and figures of the ancient myths constitute a precious inheritance, given to all cultures, connected by a common system of celestial metaphor, and intended for our benefit and blessing in this incarnate life.

Welcome to new visitors from the InnerVerse podcast! (and to returning friends)

Big thank-you to Chance Garton of the InnerVerse Podcast for inviting me over to his channel for a wide-ranging conversation about myths, metaphor, and the stars!

This video was recorded live on February 05, 2023. 

Please feel free to share with those for whom this information would be positive and valuable in some way.