Sunday, February 10, 2019

Seizing Venezuela's natural resources is an Affront to the Gods

Above is a new video I've just posted entitled "Seizing Venezuela's Natural Resources is a Grave Assault on the Rule of Law."

If you still believe that the united states stands for the "Rule of Law" -- well, the coup attempt currently underway in Venezuela should be a wake-up call.

The preceding post argued that fiscal austerity has as its ultimate goal the privatization of the natural resources given by the gods (or, if you prefer, by nature) to the people of a nation. In the above video, you will hear National Security Advisor John Bolton of the united states announce that the goal of the overthrow of the elected government of Venezuela is to have "American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela." 

In other words, the current leaders of the united states are not happy that the elected government of Venezuela has chosen to "invest in and produce" the natural resources with which their nation has been blessed by the divine realm, for the benefit of their own economy and their own people. The current leaders of the united states would prefer to have "American oil companies invest in and produce" those natural resources instead.

The natural resources of Venezuela were given to the people of Venezuela. If the government of Venezuela wants to use those resources to benefit Venezuela, instead of opening them up to foreign corporations (for the benefit of the shareholders of those foreign corporations), then that is the right of the people of Venezuela, who elected that government more than once, in monitored elections.

For the current leaders of the united states to engineer a coup d'etat in order to replace the elected government with a puppet who will happily sell-out the natural resources which belong to the entire nation (in exchange for a piece of the revenues to be obtained from those stolen resources) declares to the world, "We only support democracy and elections up to the point where the results benefit our corporations and our ability to privatize your nation's natural resources."

In the above video, you will hear united states National Security Advisor John Bolton declare that Juan Guiado is the president of Venezuela, even though Juan Guiado was not elected by the people of Venezuela but instead declared himself president on January 23, 2019 (and was simultaneously declared president by current leaders of the united states and some of their client states, indicating collusion between Guiado and the leaders of the united states whose interests he serves). 

In the above video, you will also hear united states National Security Advisor John Bolton declare that any action taken against Guiado (who himself has called the elected government illegitimate, urged its overthrow, and declared himself the new president) by the elected government of Venezuela will be viewed by the united states as "a grave assault on the rule of law."


So, by making such pronouncements, the current leaders of the united states (engaged in an active coup d'etat against the elected leaders of another sovereign nation, in order to seize the natural resources given to that nation by the gods) attempt to robe themselves in the mantle of the so-called "rule of law" -- a preposterous and transparently ridiculous claim to which they have no right under heaven.

Apparently, this coup d'etat is on behalf of "democracy and prosperity in Venezuela" -- because the "rule of law" now means that if the men and women of another nation vote in a way your nation does not like, then you can overturn their vote (in the name of "democracy"), and if the elected leaders of another nation decide that they want to use the natural resources given to their nation for the benefit of the people of their nation, then you can seize their natural resources and develop them with the corporations of your nation (in the name of "prosperity")!

Thank goodness for the "rule of law"! What would the men and women of the world do without this "rule of law" and those who so diligently support it? If we didn't have such defenders of the "rule of law," how could private corporations and well-connected individuals and families seize the natural riches of the earth given by heaven for the benefit of the people? 

Anyone who pays any attention at all to such developments cannot help but conclude that the united states no longer cares about democracy, the will of the people, or this vaunted "rule of law" which its leaders constantly invoke in support of their serial coups around the globe (if indeed it ever did care about such things).

However, such a conclusion is deeply unsettling and even threatening to the paradigm or vision of the world which is pounded into citizens of the united states from their earliest days in school and which is reinforced by lying media from all directions and on a continuous and ongoing basis. To the degree that one's conscious mind has incorporated such propaganda into one's own identity and "sense of self," evidence which exposes the lies upon which these mental structures or constructs are built will be viewed as dangerous and hostile, and may be vigorously resisted and even mentally filtered out. 

As explained in the previous post, our conscious mind is quite capable of buying into constructs which do not accurately reflect reality at all, although our subconscious (which detects and absorbs far more information than does our conscious mind) can and does know what is going on, even if the subconscious is filtered out by the conscious mind. 

Thus, it is quite possible for men and women who have bought into (and even built their own identity, at least in part, upon) assertions such as: 
  • "the united states is the world's leading democracy, and a proponent of democracy and a defender of democracy around the globe," and
  • "the united states stands for the glorious 'Rule of Law,' unlike more benighted countries of the world where they don't operate under a 'Rule of Law' like we do," and
  • "the united states is for 'free markets,' which is related to the 'Rule of Law' and means that we like to 'let the market decide,' unlike more benighted countries of the world where men and women foolishly hanker after socialism, which is pretty much the same as worshiping the devil,"
to actually filter out and refuse to see the plain evidence being played out in front of their very eyes which indicates that the present leaders of the united states does not care about democracy and the expressed will of the people of Venezuela whatsoever, nor do they care about free markets or the rule of law, but instead they are perfectly willing to brazenly engineer a coup d'etat in order to overturn the expressed will of the people and seize the assets belonging to the men and women of another sovereign nation, in complete disregard for their oft-repeated reverence for the sacred "Rule of Law" and the concept of "free markets" (except to the extent that "free markets" means "free to trample over any laws which stand in the way of private profits").

Even for those who are so committed to the paradigm expressed in the above ridiculous assertions, however, it is impossible for their subconscious to see the brazen coup d'etat presently being inflicted upon Venezuela (only a few years after a similar coup d'etat was inflicted upon the people and elected government of the Ukraine, which itself was only a recent manifestation of a pattern which has been going on for decades and even for more than a century in the foreign policy united states) and to reconcile this coup d'etat with the professed ideals of "democracy," "freedom," and "Rule of Law."

Again, to employ the brilliant characters developed for the long-running popular television series "The Office" (united states version), without implying that these actors would in any way agree with the assertions made in any of my blog posts, the conscious mind and its (often unrealistic and idealistic constructs and sense of self) can be likened to the cringe-worthy and often clueless (albeit good-natured and generally likable) regional manager Michael Scott, pictured below:

the office finger guns GIF

As we look at the above image, we can imagine him repeating mantras such as "Rule of Law" and "free markets" and "good for the economy" and "at least it's not socialism!"

At the same time, as discussed in that preceding post, our subconscious is not so easily fooled by the constructs and mental structures which the conscious mind has built up and to which it clings for safety and for the preservation of identity. It perceives much more of what is going on in the surrounding world (and indeed in the wider universe itself, to which the subconscious appears to have a mystical and inexplicable connection). As the conscious mind repeats, "Rule of Law," and "overthrowing the government on behalf of democracy and prosperity," the subconscious mind responds:

the office eye roll GIF

Such a massive disconnect will inevitably create a "schism" within our own psyche, resulting in a background level of angst or anxiety which our conscious mind cannot necessarily explain or even detect, but which will impact everything we are doing and feeling as we are going about our lives.

Those who are perpetrating these crimes against the rights of men and women -- and indeed crimes against heaven and against nature itself -- rely upon their ability to reinforce the false paradigms and constructs which keep our conscious minds clueless and oblivious to what is actually going on in the world around us. They will reinforce those "talking points" and artificial structures relentlessly using mass-media and carefully researched propaganda techniques, and will vigorously attack any counter-narratives that become too popular or begin to show signs of demolishing the mental structures that they have diligently imposed upon the minds of the populace (especially their very useful and longstanding "fear of socialism" framework, which is showing increasing signs of strain and may begin to crumble despite their best efforts to maintain it).

For a previous video opposing the smug commentators who for the past several months have been loudly proclaiming that Venezuela's crisis is a natural consequence of "socialism" and a textbook example proving that "eventually you run out of other people's money," see this post from September of 2018.

Engineering a coup d'etat against another sovereign nation in order to seize their natural resources is a grave affront to the gods (or, if you prefer, "the divine realm," or Nature), who are the source of those gifts and who gave them to the men and women whom they allowed to be born in that nation.

That this coup d'etat is being engineered in the name of "democracy," "freedom," "prosperity," and the "Rule of Law" is an affront to those concepts and an insult to those who actually support them.

That this coup d'etat is being done in the name of the citizens of the united states (and in the name of the citizens of other nations including Canada, France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Ecuador, Australia, and many others) is a profound misrepresentation of those men and women in those countries who actually see what is going on and who are revolted at such a criminal act of aggression being perpetrated supposedly with their support or consent.

With this blog post and above video I am hereby voicing my strongest condemnation of this illegal and despicable attempted coup against the people and government of Venezuela, and I urge others to oppose it and raise their voices in whatever way possible, including through participation in nonviolent protest, to help stop this grave violation.

It is well past the time to shake off the mental cages which we ourselves have constructed (out of tinkertoys given to us from the time we were very young, and reinforced by an overtly dishonest mass-media apparatus) and which keep our conscious mind happily insulated from the reality that is going on all around us, imposing a deep schism and sense of alienation and anxiety upon the human psyche, while at the same time enabling the crimes and depredations of those oppose democracy, freedom, and human dignity, along with their cynical collaborators who are willing to sell out their own nations and fellow citizens for a share in the dishonest gain.