Friday, August 16, 2019

Brothers of the Serpent epic Star Myth extravaganza!

I recently caught up with the Brothers of the Serpent for an epic discussion of the stars, the myths, and the overwhelming evidence that the conventional paradigm of human history is gravely flawed and in need of radical revision. 

This was a video interview with Russ and Kyle Allen of the Brothers of the Serpent podcast -- you can see the video above or by following this link (and consider subscribing to their YouTube channel in order to be notified of future episodes as soon as they are published). Also present on the interview was their ever-present companion, the Watcher, who participated in the conversation with some insightful questions.

Our interview was recorded on August 14, 2019 and not very long into the interview a sudden violent thunderstorm rolled through the Texas hill-country where Russ and Kyle broadcast from their "Ten-by-Ten-by-Ten Tangent Cube of Science" and knocked out their internet connection for about an hour (coincidentally, or not, just as we were discussing "Earth's Big Roll" which may explain paradigm-shifting fossil discoveries on that mysterious continent). Therefore, the interview in the video above is divided into "before the thunderstorm" (up until about 0:38:00 in the video feed) and "after the thunderstorm" (beginning at about 0:38:00) and there is no actual "video" (only audio) until you reach the thirty-eight minute mark in the video.

If you want to download the audio file of the conversation, you can find it on the Brothers of the Serpent page on iTunes, as well as on many other podcast "catchers" on the web.

Kyle and Russ have obviously been seriously researching the subjects of pyramids, cataclysms, ancient cultures, and the amazing treasure of wisdom recorded in humanity's ancient myths and scriptures for many years, which led to some terrific discussion and brought out some new perspectives that haven't surfaced in previous podcast interviews -- I know you will enjoy the conversation, as well as Russ and Kyle's insights and sense of humor (and frequent infectious laughter which is a feature on all of their 108 previous podcast episodes as well)!

The Brothers of the Serpent team will be co-hosting the upcoming Grimerica Contact at the Cabin 2020 at Bryce and Zion Canyons in Utah this coming April. If you would like to participate in that event, which will also of course feature Darren and Graham of Grimerica along with certified Wim Hof Method trainer Brandon Powell, along with star gazing and ancient myth discussions, be sure to reserve your space soon, because the event is selling out fast.

Welcome to every new visitor who found their way here due to hearing the Brothers of the Serpent podcast or watching the video! Hope you will visit again soon.

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