Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Video: "The Blessing Mother, The Cursing Mother, The Dream, and The King"

I have just made a new video for you:

"The Blessing Mother, The Cursing Mother, The Dream, and The King."

From the description I posted with the video:

How the stories in the Bible are based on the motions of specific stars and constellations, this time examining the Judgment of Solomon.

And how you (yes, you) are the star of the story of the Judgment of Solomon (and all the other myths, sacred stories and ancient scriptures).

Although many of those who take these stories literally are motivated by the beauty and power of the sacred texts and stories that make up part of the precious inheritance of the human race, if these scriptures and sacred stories were not intended to depict literal events and were never intended to be taken literally, then it stands to reason that literalism (trying to take them literally when they are not designed to be understood that way) could lead to very serious errors in understanding their intended message.

If the scriptures are not intended to be understood literally, then literalism can in fact cause their actual intended message to be completely inverted! They can end up being used to teach a message that is "180-degrees out" from what they were originally intended to convey.

This video provides evidence that the myths, sacred stories and scriptures of humanity were not intended to be taken literally, and they do not depict literal, historical, earthly events. 

The scripture passage explored in this video involves the famous Judgment of Solomon, from the Hebrew Scriptures, and the book known today as the First Book of the Kings. 

Taking the world's myths, sacred stories and scriptures literally, will (almost by definition) lead one to think that they are about external actors and events: that they are about other people who lived thousands of years ago. 

But if the stories are not in fact about external, historical, earthly persons who lived thousands of years ago, then they must be about something else.

This video argues that they are about YOU: about each and every human soul. The events in the Judgment of Solomon are there to teach us about something incredibly important about ourselves, about the invisible and unseen world that is actually the true source of life and blessing, and about the fact that we have access to that invisible world of spirit at all times: that in fact, it is NOT external to us at all . . .

image: Wikimedia commons (link).