Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Introducing Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them: Volume One

I am very excited to announce the publication of a new book, the first volume in a series entitled

Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them

The book is intended to do two things, primarily:

  • to present evidence, using representative myths, scriptures and sacred traditions from many different cultures on every part of the globe, which demonstrates the existence of an ancient system of celestial metaphor that forms the bedrock foundation of humanity's shared mythological inheritance.

  • to demonstrate the outlines of this system and the "vocabulary" and "grammar" that it uses, so that readers can begin to understand the "celestial language" in order to converse with the ancient myths and sacred stories for themselves -- in order to benefit from their profound wisdom in new and unexpected ways.

The goal of the book is not to explore or explain every single myth or story in any particular tradition, but rather to examine a few representative samples from many different traditions from all across the planet, with the aim of advancing the twin goals described above.

Volume One examines representative myths, scriptures, and sacred traditions from Australia, Africa, the Americas, the Pacific, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer & Babylon, Ancient India, China and Japan. 

Future volumes will continue the journey of exploration and discovery.

Please use this link to open a preview of Star Myths of the World, and how to interpret them: Volume One (or click on the image above of the front cover of the book, which will also take you to the preview file, which is an online pdf file).

To see some examples of many different Star Myths that I have analyzed using the same types of celestial patterns that are presented in the book, see for instance the list and links collected on this page. The new book elaborates and expands on some that have been addressed previously, while exploring many other Star Myths from around the world which to my knowledge have not been discussed in this manner before.

To purchase a copy of the book for yourself or for someone else, please feel free to order it from your favorite local bookseller. You can request they order as many copies as you would like by simply looking it up through the title, or the ISBN (that ISBN is shown below on the back cover, and it is included here for ease of reference: 978-0-9960590-2-2).

You can also go to your local library (or contact your current or former or nearby high school, middle school, college or university library) and ask them how you request that they add a book to their collection, so that you and others can borrow the book that way and benefit from what it may have to tell you about the ancient wisdom of humanity.

You can also purchase the book from a variety of online sources, including Barnes & Noble (here's their link) and Amazon (here's that link), although I'm sure your local bookseller might appreciate the opportunity to order it for you instead!

I truly hope that Star Myths of the World -- and the window that it opens onto the ancient scriptures, myths, and sacred stories -- will be a blessing to you.