Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Las Vegas (01 October 2017) and the manipulation of history

Above is a new video which I made the day following the tragic events in Las Vegas of 01 October, 2017. 

If the true story of humanity's ancient history has been deliberately suppressed and manipulated (and there is evidence to suggest some deliberate manipulation), then we should be sensitive to the possibility that the narrative of more recent history has also been deliberately manipulated.

In fact, in his landmark book Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell warned us of manipulators who understand that the manipulation of what the public thinks about the past (including the recent past) can be an extraordinarily powerful tool of social control.

More than sixteen years after the events of September 11, 2001, conventional media and conventional academy still treats any skepticism about the "official" story as heresy -- despite overwhelming evidence that the official explanation for the cause of the collapse of the buildings on that day completely defy the laws of physics (listen for instance to this recent interview with Richard Gage by the dynamic duo of Darren and Graham at Grimerica).

More than fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight in Dallas, the ludicrous "official" explanation is still repeated each year on the anniversary of that tragic event, despite the evidence which stalwart researchers have brought to light in the intervening decades showing that the truth of what took place on that day and in the decades which followed has been deliberately suppressed and continues to be suppressed to the present moment.

Even more recently, the efforts of the tireless researcher Ole Dammegard shine a spotlight on abundant evidence that at least some (and perhaps a majority) of the traumatic and media-grabbing events that seem to be unfolding with ever-increasing frequency in recent years may be the work of groups of "crisis actors" which follow a traveling circuit in much the same way as a rock band on tour (in Ole's own metaphor). As unbelievable as that may sound, there are extremely suspicious pieces of evidence in recent traumatic headline-grabbing (and watershed) events in the united states, including Charlottesville (2017) and Orlando (2016), some of which is examined in the above video.

Additionally, Ole recently appeared on The Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood, and some of the patterns that Ole discussed can be seen in some of the images from the Charlottesville car attack -- even though that portion of the the show was recorded some days prior to Charlottesville. The entire interview is well worth hearing, if you are a subscriber to The Higherside Chats "Plus" -- and if you are not yet, then you may want to sign up to hear this entire interview (as well as all of the other extended content available to THC+ members).

It is too soon to draw any definitive conclusions regarding the horrific events of October 1st in Las Vegas -- which is why the confident declarations already being made the very next morning, that the correct shooter has been positively identified and that even though he is dead it is certain that he acted alone, are almost undoubtedly premature. It should be seen as a grave insult to those directly affected by this event -- and to everyone else in the world who is now indirectly affected by it -- to make such sweeping pronouncements less than twelve hours later, and yet that is exactly what is taking place.

And to question those sweeping pronouncements -- as with all the other similar traumatic watershed events -- is treated as heretical in today's uncritical (and indeed "anti-critical") society.

It is just as heretical as questioning the conventional narrative of humanity's ancient past, which we have been ordered to believe.

In an inspired partnership that began at the beginning of the decade of the 1990s, the great John Anthony West and Professor Robert Schoch dared to present evidence which completely undermines the conventional narrative of humanity's ancient history -- evidence centered on the erosion of the Sphinx and Sphinx Enclosure at Giza in Egypt. For this heretical challenge, they were personally ridiculed and their work was dismissively attacked by the representatives of conventional academia.

You can see a contemporary account (from the 1990s) of this controversy in a documentary narrated by the late Charleton Heston here.

By strange (or perhaps not-so-strange) synchronicity, it happens that the deeply disturbing events of October 1st in Las Vegas took place immediately in front of a replica of an Egyptian pyramid and the Sphinx (at Luxor in Vegas). And, as most people will also realize, it also happens that Charleton Heston was an ardent defender of the inherent right of men and women to keep and bear arms.

Whatever the truth is about the recent events of October 1st in Las Vegas, they are sickening and wrong -- whether the truth is close to the current "official" narrative, or whether it is something altogether different.

Whatever took place, it can be definitively stated that the motives included robbing men and women of the gifts which the ancient wisdom entrusted to humanity in the forms of myths, scriptures and sacred stories saw as bestowed by the gods (including life itself, which has always been understood to come from the Invisible realm -- the divine realm).

Whether or not the narrative of this particular event is being deliberately manipulated (and the very rapidity with which the "official" story is being declared, with no time or space allowed for careful and thorough analysis should be a major point of suspicion), we can say with certainty that those who fraudulently manipulate history in order to oppress others and to take for themselves the resources which are bestowed by the gods upon all men and women can be seen by almost any reading of the ancient myths to be collaborating against humanity -- and against the divine realm itself.

And, according to the ancient myths, that never ends well.