Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Star Myths of the World on Alchemy with John Gibbons!

Much gratitude and appreciation to DJ John Gibbons and the team at Alchemy for having me over for a most enjoyable conversation.

Here is the link you can follow in order to listen online, download the file for listening on a mobile device, share the podcast with others directly or through various social media platforms, subscribe to the Alchemy podcasts, and post any feedback from the show.

You may also wish to consider supporting the show using links available on the main Alchemy page -- I definitely believe that supporting independent media such as your favorite podcasters is a very valuable endeavor, enabling independent voices to bring conversations such as this one to you and to others.

I think you'll agree that John's insightful questions and familiarity with the subject led to some valuable directions and brought out some new perspectives and exchanges during our talk. 

Of course, the fact that he is an accomplished and well-known musician means that we perhaps should not be surprised at his ability to "resonate" with these profound concepts!

I hope you enjoy the show! 

----  ----  ----

Here's a link to an "interview archive" where you can also find a recording of my previous visit to Alchemy, back in September of 2014.

Below are some handy links to a few of the many subjects we touched upon during the course of our conversation: