Monday, October 31, 2016

Welcome to new visitors from The Higherside Chats (and returning friends!)

Big thank you to Greg Carlwood & Co for having me back over to The Higherside Chats for a conversation about Star Myths and -- just in time for Halloween, or at least for All Soul's Day -- some of the accounts of paranormal encounters at the US Military Academy at West Point.

This interview was recorded on October 18th, 2016.

Here is the link to the free version of this new show -- but I would definitely recommend subscribing to the "THC Plus" option, which costs $5 per month (a variety of subscription options are available here).

THC+ enables you to hear the full version of all the interviews, instead of the slightly shorter-duration "free version," as well as to peruse the full archives of THC goodness, with archived full-length shows going back all the way to the start of THC+ (Greg makes all the back episodes of the "free version" for free, at the archive section of the original show).

There's even a "seven-days free trial" offer, where you can use the full Plus site for seven days and then choose whether to cancel or to subscribe.

Personally, I've said many times that I believe everyone should make a habit of listening to podcasts such as THC in order to try to piece together the big picture of what's going on in this world, because there is clear evidence of the manipulation and falsification of historical "narratives" of our ancient and recent history -- very similar to what we see portrayed in the classic 1968 version of Planet of the Apes, by Dr. Zaius (who is referenced in the THC theme song; Planet of the Apes is such an important movie on so many levels that it can probably accurately be described as a sort of "Matrix before The Matrix").

For a couple of previous posts I've published about the many-layered metaphors in the original Planet of the Apes, see "Paging Dr. Zaius," "Which role are you playing?" and "Wake up Gorillas! Don't perpetrate violence."

I had the pleasure of meeting Greg through the "coincidence" of having a table next to his, way back in 2014 at the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilizations conference in San Mateo, California. He was selling Conspiratees shirts and promoting the show (and drinking beers, starting around 10am), and I was promoting and signing copies of The Undying Stars, which had just been published the month before.

If you're interested in checking out the first interview I did with Greg on THC back in September of that year, you can find links to that show here.

For more discussion of some of the other topics we discussed during the show, you can also check out the following links to previous posts or videos, if interested:
  • This article in the West Point magazine describing the first-hand account of West Point cadet John Feeley (class of 1973), the upperclassman who encountered an apparition in Barracks 4714, when he decided to stay overnight in the room of some plebes from the company who were complaining about a paranormal visitor.
  • This YouTube video containing a first-hand account from Jim O'Connor, the plebe who was there in the room that same night, and who had been one of the plebes complaining about the ghostly visitor in the first place, prompting Cadet Feeley to stay overnight in the room in order to investigate.
  • A discussion of the importance of the constellation-outlining system proposed by H. A. Rey, and some illustrations of why it is so much better than the systems you often find on Wikipedia or smartphone apps.
  • A "Star Myth Index" that I put together some years ago, with links to numerous Star Myths that I have discussed and illustrated on the pages of this blog.
  • The "Myths" section of my newer website, which includes some additional Star Myth discussions and videos.
  • Some discussion of the evidence in fine art down through the centuries which points very strongly to the conclusion that the esoteric and celestial nature of the myths -- including the celestial nature of the Bible stories -- was known and passed down by at least some groups, even though this knowledge was kept secret. 
  • The discussions in "The Name of the Ankh" and "The Name of the Ankh, continued," which explore Alvin Boyd Kuhn's assertion that the "N-K" and related phonemes have to do with connecting -- and may be found in the words for both Cannabis and Ganja, among many other important words (such as Kundalini).
  • Some discussion of the fact that the world's Star Myths provide powerful evidence of a now-forgotten, extremely ancient culture of great spiritual sophistication and probably very advanced technological sophistication of a technology perhaps very different from what we know or understand -- in addition to all the archaeological evidence we find in the great celestially-aligned stone monuments around the world (with video here).
  • The "Resources" section of my website, where you can find links to online versions of important historical texts related to the Star Myths of the world (there is a "resources" link at the very bottom of every page on that Star Myth World website).
Remember, both the blog and the Star Myth World website are fully searchable, so you can search for various keywords or categories in order to find more about the topics that interest you.

I hope you will enjoy the show!


Errata (The following are some "verbal typos" that I committed during the interview, which are corrected here):

  • I remembered after the interview was over that the song referenced near the beginning of the interview is actually by the Exploited (link).
  • The paranormal encounters described in the 1970s were in the 47th Division, which is just around the corner from the "Lost Fifties," and in fact they are all part of the same building. However, the paranormal encounter that my friend described which happened to him during our plebe year did take place in the Lost Fifties themselves. While I was a cadet, the area that I heard described as being haunted was most commonly the Lost Fifties.
  • At one point in the interview while recounting that story from our plebe year, I said "boyfriend" when I meant to say "buddy." Duh.
  • Fort Leavenworth is actually in Kansas, but it is right next to the river, and Missouri is right across the bridge. I actually was there at Leavenworth, however, for part of one summer for an army school (it's been awhile).