Sunday, November 4, 2018

Star Myths: the ancient system

Here's a new video I just published entitled "Star Myths: the ancient system" which describes what I mean when I assert that virtually all the world's ancient myths, scriptures, and sacred stories are based on a system of celestial metaphor -- that the characters and events can be shown to be founded upon specific constellations.

Virtually all of the characters and episodes described in the Bible, for example, are based on specific constellations -- from the characters of Adam and Eve (and, for that matter, the Serpent) all the way through to the visions described in the book of the Revelation of John.

This fact by itself is not at all widely understood, and has tremendous implications -- but even more astonishing is the fact that the same can be said for the characters and events described in the myths of ancient Greece, and of ancient India, ancient China and Japan, ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia, and those of other parts of Europe including the Norse myths, and of other parts of Asia, and of cultures from Africa, Australia, the Americas, and the Pacific.

Still more astonishing is the fact that the system of celestial metaphor used in these ancient myths appears to be a world-wide system: it envisions the constellations in the same way, and ascribes to them similar characteristics, from one culture and mythology to another, even though separated by mighty oceans. Evidence is presented in this video to establish the commonality of this system -- and hundreds more such examples could be offered.

The ramifications of this evidence are profound, and should change our understanding of humanity's ancient history. Additionally, it is very likely that this ancient system was using these celestial metaphors to convey esoteric truths intended for our benefit -- truths we still need in our lives, to this very day. The more we learn to understand the language that they are actually speaking, which is a celestial language and a metaphorical language, the more likely we are to be able to hear what they are trying to tell us.