Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Cobra Kai sucker-punch (and why we keep falling for it, over and over and over)

So, I have now spoken about the "Wax on, wax off" metaphor a few times in various interviews, explaining that I think it is an excellent analogy for the concept of "the esoteric," by which deeper meanings are "hidden" underneath the surface appearances, both to "hide" the deeper information from those who would perhaps misuse it but also and more importantly to actually convey or transmit the deeper meaning in a way that speaks to the "intelligence of the heart" and bypasses the often counter-productive "over-thinking" of the left-brain or the "intelligence of the head."

In the metaphor from the original Karate Kid (1984), Mr. Miyagi used an esoteric method to convey a level of knowing to Daniel-San that went far beyond anything he could have imparted by simply "explaining" the concepts to Daniel-San's "head-intelligence." In terms of the movie, Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel-San to "wax the car" or "paint the fence," and the "surface meaning" was the use of those motions to actually wax a car or paint a fence -- but the deeper, esoteric meaning of those motions was to do karate

To relate this metaphor from the movie to what I argue has actually taken place in real life in the history of "Western civilization," I believe there was an ancient body of knowledge ("the karate") that was conveyed through a series of special stories, the ancient myths (in the movie, the motions of waxing the car or painting the fence). 

This ancient wisdom was intended for the benefit of humanity, and for the increase in individual consciousness, and it was not just some "navel-gazing hippy-dippy" impractical-for-the-real-world knowledge either: it was an actual system of kung fu or karate, so to speak, through which powerful things could be accomplished that could not be accomplished any other way.

Then, at a specific point in history which we can actually narrow down to real calendar years, a certain "Cobra Kai" school decided that they wanted to use that karate knowledge for their own selfish purposes, and they set out to tell the world that all the myths had a literal interpretation only, and that anyone who was caught teaching that they had an esoteric meaning had to be denounced and strictly punished. In other words, anyone caught teaching that the ancient myths meant anything more than the literal, surface teachings (useful for waxing the car or painting the fence) would be severely punished (sometimes executed in horrible ways, including burning at the stake) and his or her teachings denounced as rankest heresy (if written down, efforts would be made to gather up these writings and burn them as well).

As we might expect, the leaders of the Cobra Kai school themselves knew what the myths were really about (that is, doing karate) and they wanted to keep that karate knowledge all to themselves. That way, you see, it was so much easier to dominate in any situation: they knew karate, and their opponents didn't.

In fact, they didn't even really need to know karate at the deepest levels, because they were almost always using it against opponents who knew nothing about karate or kung fu themselves. The Cobra Kai school could basically get away with using the same basic moves, over and over again, to win bar-fight after bar-fight, simply going from one bar to the next and using their favorite techniques, and the ignorant locals (who may have been both brave and strong and willing to put up their dukes) really didn't stand a chance.

In the scene above, we see Daniel-San (before Mr. Miyagi has decided to teach him the secrets of his family style of karate-do) being set upon by members of the Cobra Kai school, led by the ruthless Johnny. They are, appropriately enough, dressed in black hooded outfits with skeletal outlines of human bones on them (some of them also wear hoods, and their faces are painted to look like skulls). Daniel-San really doesn't stand much of a chance at all of stopping their well-practiced moves.

Pay particular attention to the image at approximately 0:43 in the above video. That's where Johnny delivers the first, telling fist-strike to Danny's gut, after drawing his attention by getting all up in his face. Danny never sees it coming, doubles over in pain, and the fight is basically over from that point on: Johnny can deliver big kicks with impunity against his listless opponent.

The scene is illustrated below, with labels to explain the metaphor:

So, what is this system of "karate" that the Cobra Kai kept for themselves and want to keep from everybody else? 

Well, it's what those sacred myths from around the world are teaching, underneath all of their literal stories about twelve Olympian gods or twelve disciples or nine nights hanging on the World-Tree. Those myths are incredibly important, in just the same way that the motions of "wax on, wax off" and "paint the fence" were incredibly important (notice that Mr. Miyagi insisted that "wax on, wax off" and all the other motions be done in precisely the correct way). 

But their real power is in their underlying esoteric message, which teaches that this universe is composed of the projected, apparently material ordinary reality in which we spend most of our waking hours, as well as an underlying "seed realm" or "unseen realm" of non-ordinary reality, which co-exists with and interpenetrates the ordinary realm. The ability to tap into that unseen realm, and even to journey there in order to bring back information or to effect changes which impact the ordinary realm, is the secret "kung fu" that keeps getting used against the majority of the people on this planet, who don't even know it exists (and who have been taught either to laugh at such notions, or call them dangerously heretical, or evil, etc).

The ability to tap into that realm, and even to travel to it, is not "evil" any more than karate or kung fu are "evil" -- they can certainly be used for evil (as the Cobra Kai demonstrate in the movie), but they can also be used to stop violence and oppression and to protect the people (as Mr. Miyagi demonstrates and endeavors to teach).

If you've ever wondered why the people who are pulling the karate moves on the world like to employ "occult symbolism" (including skeletal imagery, as illustrated in the movie scene shown, as well as many other symbols from the zodiac wheel and the metaphors that accompany it in ancient myth, especially the metaphors having to do with the lower half of the zodiac wheel, symbolizing hell and the underworld), this is why. They are employing the suppressed kung fu of the ancients, which is really an integrated system intended for humanity's benefit, but they are deliberately selecting the darker symbology.

This symbology is often employed in conjunction with their favorite sucker-punches, which can all be seen being employed by the groups which effected this takeover during the early dynasties of the Roman imperial period, and include assassinations (see this previous post entitled "Commodus and Marcus Aurelius"), the employment of proxy armies (such as the "barbarian" armies employed during the later centuries of the Roman Empire, up to and following the split into the Western and Eastern Empires), the employment of two different sides which are apparently bitter rivals but are actually being controlled by those at the top in order to accomplish a pre-planned outcome (such as the apparent rivalry between early literalist Christianity and the so-called "cult" of Sol Invictus Mithras), and a few other patterns which can be seen playing out over and over again down through history, just like Johnny's sucker-punch that does the trick time and time again.

We seem to fall for the sucker-punch every few years. It's as if the ordinary townspeople just never learn, and refuse to look into the possibility that someone is using karate against them. 

The good news, however, is that once these moves are revealed for what they are, they are in fact very easy to recognize. Once enough people see them for what they are, the people may not be as easy to fool, or to lead into a trap. Much of what is being done over and over actually relies on deception and the creation of false narratives -- and depends upon large numbers of people buying into those false narratives (standing there waiting to get hit in the gut, so to speak). As Mr. Miyagi demonstrates, it's best to keep one's guard up when dealing with a group that has demonstrated its willingness to employ such "underhanded" tactics.

The other good news is that, if the above outline is at all close to the truth, this is really a battle not on the "physical plane" but on the plane of truth vs. deception, of consciousness vs. imposed ignorance, and of natural-law rights vs. mind control. It takes place on the level of the spiritual more than anywhere else. In fact, as earlier posts have discussed, violations of natural universal law are only countenanced and tolerated by most normally-functioning, ethical men and women (which I believe describes the vast majority of humanity) when they convince themselves (or allow themselves to be convinced) that such violations are somehow not violations of natural law. They need some false narrative to assuage their conscience and to rationalize their support of criminal violations of the rights of others, or to temporarily short-circuit their innate sense of justice and get them into a fighting frenzy.

We can actually see this taking place in the Karate Kid clip above, in which the Cobra Kai character "Bobby" tries to call Johnny and the others off after Danny has clearly "had enough," and then Johnny quotes the "mind control" dogmas he and the others have been taught at the Cobra Kai dojo, in order to quash this innate voice of right and wrong and replace it with rigid dictums. (Message to members of Cobra Kai, like Bobby, who have mistakenly been participating in and enabling their bad actions: stop following Johnny! He doesn't care at all about you, except insofar as you enable his goals!)

It is high time for the people to start waking up and stop being the punching bag for the same sucker-punch over and over again. That process starts with information, which is why the rise of alternative platforms where challenges to the official narrative can be aired and examined is such an important development (and so important to support, as discussed here). 

The other important part of the picture is the recognition that there is, in fact, an unseen realm, a fact which is largely ignored (and, as mentioned above, ridiculed) by the majority of the population or at least by those who try to control the flow of opinion and information and who represent the voice of academia and Science and conventional respectable opinion), but which can and almost certainly must be part of the solution, by re-connecting with the positive aspects of humanity's common shamanic heritage (as opposed to the primarily negative aspects that are being employed by a small number of people who wish to oppress and bully everyone else).