Friday, March 15, 2013

David Icke on Intuition

David Icke has a lot to say about consciousness.  

Much of what he has to say resonates strongly with themes discussed in previous posts regarding the implications of near-death experiences (see for example here and here).  

He also has a lot to say about the subject of intuition as it relates to consciousness, a subject discussed in the recent post "Schwaller de Lubicz, and Steve Jobs, on Intuition."  In an interview with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio from a year ago, March of 2012, David Icke had this to say about intuition (beginning at 53:25 into the second hour, which is only available to subscribers of Red Ice Creations):
So that's all I'm doing this year in terms of events, but, there's obviously a reason for that, because my intuition has not let me down in the past, because that's the way we connect with the much-higher level of self than mind-that-tries-to-work-things-out.  You know, your intuition says "Go for it" or "Don't go for it" -- "Yes" or "No" -- it doesn't go through thought-processes to work things out.  Thoughts are very, very low level of awareness, and intuition is far more powerful.  And of course, what happens in most people is that the mind rules, OK, and suppresses intuitive knowing, because it's saying, "Oh!" -- because this is the point: intuitive knowing does not play by the rules of  this fake reality -- mind does that!  And therefore, your intuition is urging you to do things and go places and just drop everything and go sometimes, and your mind is saying, "Don't do that!  What about that!  You can't do that -- you've got a dental appointment!"  And all this stuff goes on.  And if you follow your intuition, I've found sometimes, that even your mind starts to observe that if you follow your intuition, you might get into some scrapes, and you might get called lunatic and all that stuff, because it's gonna take you into some places that  people "in mind" think is crazy.  But eventually, even your mind sees that when you follow your intuition in the end it all works out, not despite what your intuition has made you experience but because of it.  And then your mind and your intuition start to move as one unit, and the war stops. 
Following this profound passage, Henrik offers an observation on the instantaneous nature of intuition, and David elaborates further:
Well there's two reasons for the instant nature of it: One, what you're connecting with is beyond time -- our perception of time -- and secondly, it's coming from a place of all-knowing -- or greater knowing.  And thus, it doesn't have to "work it out" -- it knows.  Mind has to work it out: "to and fro," "for and against," and all this stuff, because it doesn't know -- it has to work it out, or try to. Whereas intuition knows -- that's why it's instant: "Yes / No," "Go for it / Don't go for it."
We should all be grateful to David Icke for this superlative articulation of an essential subject.  It appears that this topic is very closely related to the concept of "Primordial Scission" which R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz believed to be of absolutely critical importance in understanding the human condition, discussed in this previous post entitled "The cobra and the vulture." And it was Schwaller de Lubicz, of course, who kicked off this entire examination of the subject of intuition with his 1961 observation that ancient Egypt left us overwhelming evidence that they were an intuitive "wisdom" culture as opposed to our modern "mental-intellectual" culture -- a distinction that now becomes much more clear in light of David Icke's outstanding discussion quoted above.