Thursday, April 24, 2014

U-shaped chemtrail photographed over California

Anyone who still believes that the "persistent contrails" which can be seen criss-crossing the sky above populated areas are simply the product of normal jetliners making their way to commercial destinations and leaving harmless lines of vapor should take a look at the above photograph, snapped near the California coast this morning, 04/23/2014.

Previous posts discussing this subject have included screen shots from the Wikipedia entries which continue to insist that "Scientists and engineers around the world have repeatedly needed to confirm that supposed chemtrails are in fact nothing but normal contrails" -- see screenshots in this previous post and this previous post, as well as the condescending and one-sided Wikipedia entry here.  

The denials that these long-lasting lines of cloud could be the result of deliberate spraying have not changed even after the publication in major mainstream California newspapers of stories describing government-funded weather-modification programs involving the spraying of silver iodide and other compounds from aircraft: see for example this article from the Sacramento Bee dated 11/11/2013. 

The contrail / chemtrail in the image above takes a huge U-shaped meander across the sky -- hardly the path that a commercial airliner carrying passengers between destinations would be likely to take.  See the image below which points out the path of the chemtrail using red arrows, in case it is difficult to see:

Below is another image of the same U-shaped chemtrail, taken from a slightly different vantage point just a few minutes earlier:

Again, it is difficult to come up with a hypothesis to explain the strange path of this aircraft and its persistent trail, other than the obvious explanation that this trail is the product of an aircraft deliberately dispersing particulates into the atmosphere over a target area.

Just in case someone wants to argue that there could be some kind of strong "wind shear" or atmospheric disturbance which took an originally straight trail and blew one section of it into the dramatic U-shaped bend seen in the photographs, take a look at the photograph below, taken only a few seconds after the top image and from the same location, of a number of other chemtrails being laid down in the sky just a single camera-lens away from the U-shaped trail:

These trails are perfectly straight, and they are going in the same general direction that the U-shaped trail aircraft took (before and after its dramatic meander).  They show no evidence of being blown by any wind-shear or atmospheric disturbance.  In other words, the U-shaped meander was created by an aircraft taking a big U-shaped detour, and is not the product of some kind of unusual wind-effect.

It may be difficult for some people to accept the possibility that the government of the United States (or other countries where such chemtrails are also seen regularly) would authorize the ongoing, deliberate spraying of unknown chemical particulates in massive quantities over the skies of populated areas and over the skies of croplands where food for human consumption is grown.

After all, doesn't California  law (and the laws of other states in the US) forbid citizens smoking cigarettes inside restaurants and bars and office buildings, in order to protect non-smoking citizens from the potential effects of second-hand smoke?  Doesn't California law (and the laws of other states in the US) mandate that gasoline stations affix labels to the pumps to warn citizens that pumping gasoline could expose them to gasoline vapors, which they might accidentally breathe while fueling up their vehicles?  Doesn't California law (and the laws of other states in the US, as well as federal legislation) mandate ever-more-restrictive limits on vehicle emissions, due to concerns over the health and environmental dangers such emissions might pose?

If so, how could aircraft spraying out trails of chemicals be allowed to ply the skyways over the heads of those exact same citizens for hours on end, day after day (and even through the nighttime on some selected evenings)?  We might ask the same questions about the intrusive and illegal surveillance of innocent free men and women who have not been accused of any crimes (another example of illegal activity which might have once been difficult for people to believe their governments would ever conduct on such a massive scale). 

Did citizens authorize such spraying over their heads?  Was their some legislation passed by elected representatives by which the people said their representative government could dump chemicals out of aircraft over the playgrounds of their childrens' schools?  

Obviously not, since mouthpieces of the conventional status quo such as Wikipedia can confidently declare that these chemtrails are nothing but "normal contrails."  If there had been some legislation  authorizing such spraying passed by some elected officials, chemtrail deniers would have a hard time maintaining that the spraying is not taking place (it is important to point out that, even if legislative bodies had in fact passed legislation authorizing massive spraying of chemicals over the heads of citizens, such legislation would be illegal and hence legally void, as natural-law pioneer and abolitionist Lysander Spooner argued clearly and cogently, in particular in a pamphlet published in Boston in 1850 arguing against the legality of slavery and against the legality of the Fugitive Slave Act, especially in his arguments beginning on page 27 of that pamphlet and continuing to the end of it).

But the spraying is clearly taking place (there are even a few isolated articles which admit to it, and which quote government workers whose entire careers apparently involve the coordination of such spraying campaigns).  

Apparently, then, this spraying is taking place unknown to the people who are being sprayed, and without their consent.  This is a violation of natural universal law.  It is illegal.  It is unethical.  

Such illegal activity can go on only as long as the people remain oblivious to it.  It can go on only as long as the people see it but remain in a hypnotic state in which the wrongness of the situation and the violation of their natural rights does not register in their conscious mind.  

This situation is exactly analogous to the situation in which people saw orcas being kept in captivity for decades, and in which people went to shows watching those orcas performing tricks, and saw the small tanks in which those orcas were confined and the unnatural situation in which those intelligent beings were forced to live, and yet those people remained in a hypnotic state in which the wrongness of the situation never registered in their conscious mind.  That hypnotic trance was suddenly and sharply broken for many people by the movie Blackfish, and suddenly millions of people are demanding that the mistreatment of those magnificent and intelligent whales must stop immediately.

The exact same thing can happen with the unauthorized spraying of chemicals over the heads of human beings, in clear violation of their natural-law rights.   The exact same thing can happen with any of the violations of natural universal law which are perpetrated by those who rely on the masses of people remaining in a hypnotic trance -- they can be stopped when people wake up to the wrongness of the situation and demand that the violation of natural universal law cease immediately.  This includes the illegal use of surveillance by the state over individuals who are accused of no crimes, in violation of natural universal law -- surveillance which (like the spraying of chemtrails) many people originally would never have believed their governments would conduct or permit but which has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be taking place on a massive scale.

At this time, there are only theories as to why so many resources are being used to deliberately spray chemicals high into the atmosphere over populated areas and over agricultural areas, using numerous jet aircraft, tons of chemicals, and probably huge sums of money.  There are only theories (rather than definitive answers) because these spraying campaigns remain largely secret, unauthorized by any public referendums or legislation, and un-debated by elected officials.  

However, some of the theories are quite disturbing, such as the theory discussed by Dane Wigington in the videos embedded and linked in this previous post.  Even more disturbing possibilities are suggested by the evidence discussed in this Red Ice Radio interview with molecular biologist Vincent Freeman.

While members of the general public cannot identify for certain the real reason behind such deliberate and widespread and long-running campaigns of high-altitude spraying, it is almost impossible to continue to deny that it is taking place, or to say that the trails covering the sky are the product of simple vapor trails or condensation trails left by regular commercial airliners taking travelers from one airport to another.  

To continue to maintain that chemtrail spraying is not taking place is irresponsible, and it empowers those who are violating natural law and potentially putting people at risk.