Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Welcome to new visitors from Alchemy! (and returning friends)

this interview was recorded on 11/22/2016.

Big thank you to John and Steve Gibbons for having me back to their show Alchemy for a new conversation about Star Myths and related subjects!

In addition to being a talented musician, John is a fantastic interviewer and host, and really guided the discussion into what I felt were some very productive channels.

I very much enjoyed our conversation, and hope that you will as well.

It was really fascinating to me how "in-synch" John was with what I was intending to talk about -- and I have to disclose that we absolutely did not co-ordinate on any of the topics prior to the show!

We discussed the overarching Star Myth system, as well as specific Star Myths which are featured in my two most-recent books: Star Myths of the World, Volume Two (Greek Myths) and Star Myths of the World, Volume Three (Star Myths of the Bible).

First, John asked me to select something from the Greek myths to discuss, and I chose to talk about some of the aspects of the goddess Artemis -- and John pointed out that she was one of his favorites, and made some very insightful comments regarding the role of Artemis in protecting women and presiding over all childbirth (a function that is of course vital to the preservation of life and the continuation of humanity on earth).

After some further discussion involving the encounter between Odysseus and the Cyclops, we moved on to discussing some episodes from both the Old Testament and New Testament texts of the Bible, and John presented a list of suggested stories to discuss which included Noah and the Genesis Flood, the story of Adam and Eve, and something from the book of Revelation!

I was astonished, because before the show, I had prepared a list of some good Biblical episodes to discuss, which included those very passages! Below is a photograph of my notes, showing that all three of those areas were ones that I had selected as well (again, John and I did not do any corroborating prior to the show regarding what myths we should talk about, or even what general subjects we should visit):

Throughout the show, John intuitively steered the conversation towards some very important areas of discussion, which helped to bring out new perspectives and insights that I would not have brought out on my own. His guidance also helped keep things on track, as I can sometimes tend to take some long tangential side-tracks down interesting corridors and away from the original topic of discussion!

Below are some links to previous posts and videos that deal with some of the topics that we touched upon during this most recent interview, as well as links to the two previous visits I've had with John on Alchemy in the past (one from 2015 and one from 2014):

  • The use of the winter solstice as a marker for the "soul's turning point" of awareness of and greater integration with the spiritual nature and the divine realm.
  • The two visions articulated by the holy man Black Elk of the Lakota, one of abundance fed by deep connection with the Other Realm (the source of everything in this realm), and one of greed driven by separateness and division and an underlying belief in scarcity (see also this previous post).
  • Our (often-forgotten) inner connection to the Infinite Realm, which is the reason "why gods appear in an instant" in many of the Star Myths of the ancients.
  • The concept of the "divine twin" and the "Higher Self" which appear to be part of a major theme running through so much of the ancient wisdom imparted to humanity in the myths.*
  • The theme of reincarnation, which appears to run through many ancient myths, including possibly some of the Biblical texts (and see also the quotation in this previous post about the concept that souls go along the Milky Way on their way to rebirth, found in the sacred traditions of many cultures in the Americas including the Pawnee, the Cherokee and the Sumo of Central America).
  • We referred a lot to the concept of precession, but did not explain its mechanics in detail. If you want to see some video discussion of the mechanics of the phenomenon of precession, and its delaying of the "background of stars," you may wish to start with this video, in which I use the "metaphor of the dining room table."
  • Some discussion of the celestial foundations of the story of Adam and Eve and the Serpent in this video and this video. For comparison with the seated figure of Lord Krishna as the divine charioteer, which is mentioned in the interview during this point of the discussion, see also this video.
  • The Norse myth of Loki and the theft of Sif's hair is briefly mentioned as well -- here is an early blog post discussing some aspects of this story's celestial foundation.
  • Some discussion on the importance, if at all possible for your situation, of incorporating ancient disciplines such as Yoga, Chi Gung, meditation or other similar ancient practices in your daily life.

Finally, as I have mentioned in posts regarding other appearances on podcasts, I believe that we are at a very critical point in time in which the deliberate deceptions of the "captive media" are becoming more and more obvious to a larger and larger number of people -- and the role of the "independent media" is becoming more and more significant.

I believe it is very important to listen to -- and, to whatever degree possible, support -- independent sources of research and analysis, such as that provided by John and Steve Gibbons on Alchemy (as well as other outlets such as The Higherside Chats, Grimerica, Where Did the Road Go?, and others like them).

You can also check out John's music at his official site and facebook page.

Thank you to the listening audience of Alchemy -- hope you enjoyed the conversation, please check out all that the Star Myth World website has to offer, and hope you will visit again soon!


* Note that the second link, to the previous post entitled "You may have a Higher Self (at least according to the ancient myths and scriptures), and He or She wants you to know it," contains the quotation about incorporating all the qualities of the neteru or gods:
man is to summarize in himself the qualities of the whole scale of being, denominated gods. All their powers and virtue have to be embodied in man's organic wholeness to make him, like the resuscitated Osiris, "Neb-er-ter, the god entire." [from Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Lost Light, page 550 -- with reference to a translation of the Egyptian Pyramid Texts of the Pyramid of Teti, translated by Budge and found on page 139 of this text].
Obviously, Kuhn in the above passage (written in 1940) is using the word "man" to mean "humanity in general" and to include both men and women -- and he specifically does say "men and women" in many other passages related to the same discussion, including on pages 551 and 587.