Monday, June 2, 2014

See you in San Mateo for the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Conference, 2014

Join me in San Mateo, California at the Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization Conference this month, June 28 & 29 (that's a Saturday and a Sunday).

The conference will be hosted by Red Ice Creations founder Henrik Palmgren (see video above), and will feature a lineup of important authors and speakers including Richard Dolan, Joseph P. Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Mark McCandlish, Robert Morningstar, Jon Rappoport, Carol Rosin, and Michael Schratt.

They will be discussing important evidence which suggests that the "official story" has some serious inconsistencies and discrepancies, and that things you have been told to believe and never to question may actually be an elaborate veil of deception and misdirection.  This possibility is certainly in keeping with the subject matter explored on this blog -- see for instance the discussion in this previous post entitled "Piercing the fog of deception that hides the contours of history."

The topic is as appropriate to both the "official narrative" of the long sweep of history (from ancient times to the present) as it is to the narrative of more recent history (such as from the end of World War II to the present) -- and in fact, if it turns out that the conventional narrative for the long-term and the shorter-term are both false in important ways (as the evidence certainly suggests), it is very likely that the deception regarding the longer span of time (measured in centuries or even millennia) is related to the deception concerning the shorter (which is measured in decades).

The work of Joseph P. Farrell, in particular, bears directly upon some of the assertions in The Undying Stars, in which I present evidence primarily from mythology which suggests the existence of an extremely sophisticated ancient civilization, with a cosmology that appears to have anticipated quantum physics by many thousands of years and to have understood important aspects of DNA and (possibly) of many other technologies which we still have yet to regain.

The Undying Stars also presents evidence that this ancient knowledge (or what was left of it in the first centuries of our era) was deliberately stamped out by forces which perhaps wished to keep this information to themselves. Dr. Farrell's work is cited in numerous places throughout the book (this is not to imply that he endorses my conclusions or agrees with what I say in the book, only that his insightful analysis was very helpful to me in my own examination of the areas in which I choose to focus).

I will not be speaking at the event, but will have a table set up, where I will be happy to inscribe your copy of The Undying Stars, or answer your questions regarding any aspects of the subject matter covered in the book or in the pages of this blog (which goes back to April of 2011). I also plan to have copies of the book available for purchase there, both in hardcover and in the soon-to-be-released paperback version, and would be happy to inscribe copies purchased at the event, or copies that you purchase in advance and bring with you (if you prefer).

San Mateo, of course, is my hometown -- the very place on this planet where I was born, grew up, and went to high school -- and so when I learned that this conference would be held in San Mateo this year, I began making plans to try to be there.

I have fond memories of quiet predawn mornings spent standing on the train platform right across from the event center where the conference will be held, watching the trainers warming up their thoroughbred horses on the lighted track of Bay Meadows racecourse while I waited for my train.  The racetrack was just far enough away from the train platform for the sound of their hooves to be inaudible, and so they seemed to glide along in total silence under the bright lights, as the black of the night sky took on a deep blue color along the eastern horizon, heralding the approach of the sun.

The course is gone now, having passed into the history books, but I can attest to the fact that the direction that the horses raced around the oval track was the same direction as that followed in the games of antiquity, which is noted by ancient sources.  In Hamlet's Mill (1969), Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend note that ancient authors describe a pyramid dedicated to the sun and altars dedicated to the moon and the five visible planets, which suggests that this motion of the horses and their racers was almost certainly designed to represent the motions of the planets of our solar system as they hurtle around the sun.

Tickets to the 2014 Secret Space Program Conference may be purchased by following this link.  I certainly hope to see you there.

below are some Red Ice interviews with speakers at the upcoming conference in San Mateo:

Richard Dolan:

Joseph P. Farrell:

Catherine Austin Fitts:

Mark McCandlish:

Robert Morningstar:

Jon Rappoport:

Carol Rosin:

Michael Schratt: