Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Piercing the fog of deception that hides the contours of history

image: Wikimedia commons

I believe that we are living at a crucial juncture in human history, but that in order to see why, it helps to have an accurate "map" of history, and of the contours and terrain which led up to this particular point in time.

Unfortunately, I also believe that the control of history has proven to be a powerful tool for those who want to control the thinking of others, and to condition their acceptance of certain actions and depredations and violations of human liberty and of natural universal law.  False historical narratives can be used to lend a "veil of legitimacy" to actions which are anything but legitimate.  These have acted like a blanket of fog to cloak the true outlines of history under a cloud of deception.

False historical narratives can act like a well-crafted movie, into which audiences immerse themselves and -- through the "suspension of disbelief" -- which huge numbers of people come to see as real, imbuing them with a kind of reality that is a function of their desire to believe that the narrative is true (the Star Wars movies might be a good example of fictional "fantasy" which large numbers of people imbue with enough reality that they actually take on a sort of life of their own, and are treated as if they are real events with real people inhabiting real places, even though they are clearly a work of fiction created in movie studios using cameras and special effects).

There is a huge amount of evidence which suggests that the conventional historical narratives which have been institutionalized in many "western" countries over the course of the past few centuries -- beginning during the "Enlightenment" and refined and reinforced and strengthened in each succeeding century -- are severely flawed, particularly with regards to ancient history but also regarding the history of "the west" since the so-called "fall" of the Roman Empire.  

Using such an intentionally false historical "map" to try to determine where we are in history will almost certainly lead to wildly incorrect conclusions.  This is why the control of the historical narrative is often a very central component of mind control and the control of populations not primarily through the threat of physical force but rather through propaganda, misinformation, and the creation of "fantasy worlds" which they buy into and imbue with a sort of artificial life.

The Undying Stars presents abundant evidence which suggests that the real narrative of history is far different -- and far more bizarre -- than the conventional fantasy narrative which is force-fed to the population (primarily through the school system from kindergarten through college, but also through various media outlets and historical programs).  Many aspects of this evidence have been discussed to some degree on the pages of this blog over the course of the past four years; below is a simplified list of some of the assertions explored in The Undying Stars, along with links to blog posts from the past which touch on the various assertions in the list.  The evidence examined strongly supports the following conclusions:

  • The scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are founded upon celestial allegories, ingeniously incorporating allegories relating to the human body at the same time, likely designed to impart profound esoteric teachings regarding the nature of the universe and the nature of human existence.
  • The esoteric teachings and the system of celestial and human-body allegories indicate that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are in fact close kin to other ancient sacred traditions found the world over, designed to impart the same ancient wisdom to humanity (contrary to the conventional view that they somehow stand apart and are of a completely different character and convey a completely different message than that found in the "pagan" mythologies).
  • These ancient traditions seem to have included an understanding of the universe that is what we today might call "holographic," and that it included the knowledge of the possibility and even of the necessity of various forms of shamanic travel or ecstasy, including contact with or travel to the "spirit realm," also described as the "hidden realm" or (in modern terms) the "implicate realm."  
  • This ancient understanding of the universe may also have included advanced technologies very different from today's technology, and may help explain some of the amazing accomplishments of whatever civilization or civilizations preceded the known civilizations of history, accomplishments that the conventional historical paradigm absolutely cannot explain, and which include the construction of what appears to be a "world-wide grid" which demonstrates an understanding of our planet which appears to go beyond the full grasp of even our most modern science.
  • While the full glory of this extremely ancient knowledge appears to have vanished before the arrival of the first historically-known ancient civilizations, some strong remnants of the ancient knowledge clearly survived into ancient historical times.  The end of the ancient understanding in "the west" -- and its attendant "shamanic-holographic" rituals and techniques, appears to closely coincide with the advent of the literalist-historicist interpretation of the ancient scriptures, especially those which we call today the Old and New Testaments.  
  • The rise of literalism corresponded with a deliberate and sometimes violent suppression of the esoteric and the gnostic interpretation, and of those who were teachers of such an interpretation.  Evidence of the suppression of texts that were difficult or impossible to paper-over with a literalist interpretation include the texts that were found buried at Nag Hammadi.  However, the scriptures that did survive into the Old and New Testaments, while given a literalist spin, still testify clearly to their original esoteric origin and intent.
  • On the European continent, the new literalist religion (wedded to the power of the Roman Empire) waged long and bloody but ultimately successful campaigns to absorb the Germanic and Celtic cultures and others in the broader region, and replace their original sacred traditions with the literalist religion.
  • The suppression of those who understood the shamanic-holographic vision and who opposed the literalist revolution may have led to the escape of at least some of the non-literalist contingent westward across the oceans -- to the lands we call the "New World" (which had been known to the ancients for many centuries, even prior to the literalist revolution we are discussing here).  There is evidence that they interacted with the native American people and cultures they encountered there.
  • Later, when the literalists gained enough power and the technology to do so, they also crossed the ocean, and treated the people they found there with ferocious violence and barbarity -- possibly because they were still incensed at the escape of many non-literalists to that continent, centuries before.  They also deliberately destroyed as much of their literature as they could get their hands on, perhaps as part of the cover-up for the literalist revolution they had perpetrated and the legitimacy of which they still wished to maintain.
  • The suppression of the shamanic-holographic and of the esoteric appears to continue to this day.  With it, of course, comes a suppression (and oppression) of men and women, a suppression of freedom, and a suppression of the pursuit of consciousness.
I hope that you will take the time to examine the evidence and lines of argument presented in The Undying Stars.  I believe that if replacing the truth about the history of mankind with a fabricated cover-story can act as a component of mind control, then seeing through this cover-story and beginning to perceive the outlines of the real contours of human history can be an important step on the pathway to freedom, consciousness, and the escape from mind control.