Saturday, January 21, 2012

Birthdate of Joseph Hill of Culture

January 22 is the birthdate of Joseph Hill of the band "Culture" (January 22, 1949 - August 19, 2006).

He was a gifted songwriter and singer and reggae artist, and sang of human dignity and "rights and justice for all." His amazing career began in the 1960s and continued until he went to glory (while on tour). He never stopped singing and producing new music.

In the song above, "Jah Rastafari" (one of Culture's most well-known songs), he declares:

"I and I and I
should never hold I peace
while wrong is going on
day or night."

Here is a small selection of his immense body of work, all of which is worth owning and listening to over and over:

"Innocent Blood"

"Why am I a Rastaman"


"Zion Gate"

"They Never Love in this Time"

"This Train"

"So long Babylon a Fool I (and I)"

Big up -- respect.