Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Conclusion of a month I'll never forget

As I wrote at the beginning of this month, I was invited to be the "Author of the Month" at the website of Graham Hancock for the month of January, 2012.

Little did I know then how much I would learn from the experience.

It was truly a remarkable month and one that I will never forget. I am deeply grateful to Graham Hancock and his team for the opportunity, and to the amazing community who offered insights, challenges, questions, connections, and new perspectives that I would not have seen on my own.

Thank you to everyone who joined in the conversation -- it was a privilege to meet you and I look forward to further discussion along some of the fascinating avenues that opened up as a result of our interaction.

For ease of reference, here are a few links to some of the topics that we explored:

"Darwinism and the flood" (started 01 0028 Jan 2012).

"Flood cataclysm" (started 01 1021 Jan 2012).

"Really quick rock folding" (started 01 1856 Jan 2012).

"The Sphinx built by flood survivors . . . really?" (started 02 0611 Jan 2012).

"Ruamahanga Woman" (started 03 0048 Jan 2012).

"How the axis came unhinged" (started 05 0739 Jan 2012).

"Where's the drift?" (started 06 0234 Jan 2012).

"Evidence for ancient contact across the oceans (aside from the use of big blocks)" (started 07 0805 Jan 2012).

"Rapid origin for the Grand Canyon" (started 08 0801 Jan 2012).

"Precession and Zodiac" (started 09 1805 Jan 2012).

"The water under the earth" (started 09 1922 Jan 2012).

"Shamans" (started 10 0818 Jan 2012).

"Stonehenge - Great Pyramid connection?" (started 12 0536 Jan 2012).

"Sphinx flood problem again" (started 12 2044 Jan 2012).

"Couple thoughts on the Piri Re'is map" (started 14 0808 Jan 2012).

"Dietary laws, ancient and modern" (started 15 1540 Jan 2012).

"Eternal life and reincarnation" (started 17 1325 Jan 2012).

"The ocean floors" (started 20 2149 Jan 2012).

"The origins of radioactivity on earth" (started 21 0434 Jan 2012).

"Khufu Rafu or Spufu" (started 24 0038 Jan 2012).

"The acid test for the hydroplate theory" (started 24 1736 Jan 2012).

"Connecting the scientific and the spiritual" (started 25 0717 Jan 2012).

"Ghost stories, epistemology, evolution, etc." (started 29 0120 Jan 2012).

"200 ton blocks in Khafre's Valley & Sphinx temples . . ." (started 29 1803 Jan 2012).

A special thank-you from Graham Hancock (31 2157 Jan 2012).

(Note of courtesy: the month is over now and there are new Authors of the Month, so let's defer to them and not bring these topics back into the forefront while other conversations are going on -- the Message Board is structured such that a new comment on one of these threads will thrust it back to the top of the page, which would have the effect of interrupting the discussion that the current Authors of the Month are pursuing -- however, there are other areas of the Graham Hancock Message Board site where topics can be brought up, and you can easily embed a link to one of these if you want to continue to refer to it).

As I've written before, it really takes all of us working toward solutions to the mysteries of the amazing history of mankind. I really believe that "everyone has a unique perspective to bring to the conversation, and that the more perspectives that are brought to bear on the problem, the more opportunity we all will have to discover the real solution to the mystery."

I hope all those who are reading now will continue to add their insights to this important quest, and not give up or grow discouraged, and encourage one another even when we disagree.