Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome to new visitors from Memory Hole (and to returning friends)!

Special thanks to Professor James F. Tracy for posting my "Paging Dr. Zaius" essay over at his Memory Hole blog site.

I personally believe that his site and his own talented analysis are extremely important at this particular juncture in history, and that people around the entire world (and certainly those of us in the United States) owe him a particular debt of gratitude for his courage and diligence in analyzing areas that for a wide variety of reasons some people would like to cover up.

Regular readers of this blog should familiarize themselves with his work, if they have not already.

For readers coming here perhaps for the first time from his website, the following previous posts attempt to give some broad overview and contain lists of links to various subjects covered on these pages:
Additionally, visitors familiar with Memory Hole may find the following posts to cover subjects of particular interest:
They may also want to check out the recent interview on Red Ice radio in which I discuss some of the topics covered in my latest book. Posts published subsequent to that interview, which also discuss the "Roman conspiracy" include:
There is also a series of recent posts detailing the astonishing fact that all the ancient scriptures and sacred traditions of humanity -- across an incredible geographic dispersion and across centuries and even millennia of time -- can be shown to share a detailed system of celestial metaphor, including the scriptures we know today as "the Bible." For reasons related to the imposition of a system of control across western Europe (eventually spreading much farther than that), those connections have been suppressed and replaced with the dominant "literalistic" interpretations. To dive into the discussions of that topic, any of the recent posts discussing that common ancient system will contain links to many of the others -- good places to start include "Vajra: the Thunderbolt" or "Brisingamen, the necklace of Freya."

Finally, this blog is fully searchable (use the small window in the upper-left area on most devices and screens), so you can look for posts associated with keywords of your own choosing.

Hope to see you back again soon!